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More on Mussolini and the Conservative Industrialists

April 14, 2014

Mussolini Pic

I’ve posted a number of piece on the way Mussolini appealed to the Italian middle classes to support Fascism through posing as defending private industry, property and free trade against Socialism and the organised working class. Denis Mack Smith in his biography also states that the Duce also talked about reducing bureaucracy, ending state unemployment payments and stating that social inequalities should be increased. (Mussolini (London: Paladin Grafton book 1983) 134). He also made moves to allow private enterprise a share of the telephone system and life insurance, both of which had been state enterprises. (p. 135).

One of the first things Margaret Thatcher did as PM was privatise the phone company. The Tories are also extremely keen on reducing bureaucracy and have increasingly cut down on unemployment benefit. They are also intending to end the NHS and introduce a system of private medical insurance, as in the US. And Kittysjones in one of her pieces last week pointed out that Maggie Thatcher also believed in increasing social inequalities as a spur to people trying to improve their position in society. With the ideological similarities between Conservativism and one section of Fascist ideology so strong, I’m surprised that there aren’t shouts of ‘Duce! Duce!’ at the Tory annual conferences.