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Labour: Tory Councillors Reveal Plans to Privatise NHS

April 21, 2015


Yesterday’s I newspaper also carried the story that a group of students had carried out a survey showing that Tory councillors were in favour of further cuts to the NHS, the introduction of charging and its partial privatisation.

The students identified themselves as members of the Labour Party. They surveyed 115 Tory councillors, and found that 26 backed charging for some NHS services; 12 supported the further expansion of the private sector into the NHS, and six wanted to cut the budget for the NHS.

The paper went on to quote a speech Ed Miliband was to make later that day to the Scottish TUC, stating that Cameron

‘poses a risk to the very fabric and foundation of our NHS… The Tory plans on the NHS are a double deceit. They are not being straight about their extreme plans to double the cuts to public services next year. And they are not being straight when they promise to protect the NHS, but cannot say where a penny of additional money will come from. This double deceit is a double danger to the NHS. They have extreme spending plans and they can’t tell us where the money is coming from.’

The paper reported that the Tories fought back by quoting another survey of 460 family doctors, showing 28 per cent planned to vote for the Tories, while only 13 per cent would vote Labour and 7 per cent Lib Dems. They also claimed that Labour’s remarks were untrue, as they had promised to increase funding to the NHS by £8bn.

Labour is quite correct about the Tories’ plans to privatise the NHS. There are 92 Tory and Lib Dem MPs, who either own or occupy senior positions in the private health care companies hoping to gain from the privatisation of the NHS and its further marketization. A string of Tory ministers, including the health secretary, Andrew Lansley, have said that they are in favour of the NHS’ privatisation. In fact Lansley spoke at the Tory party conference a few years ago on a presentation on increasing private enterprise in the NHS, sponsored by one of the private health care companies. One other Tory MP even admitted that if the Tories won a second term, the NHS would cease to exist within five years.

As for the claim that they will increase funding to the NHS by £8bn, the Tories most definitely have not said from where they intend to find the money. Nor did they make any mention of it at all until they started lagging behind Labour in the polls. It really does look like a ‘back of the envelope job’, a spurious promise that they have actually no intention of honouring.

The Tories have a long history of plotting the privatisation of the NHS, and lying about. In the mid-1980s Thatcher suppressed a Tory report arguing for its privatisation. One of the report’s authors, Wasserman, is an advisor to David Cameron on the NHS. Somehow I don’t think he’s changed his tune in the past thirty years or so.

In the 2010 election, the Tories promised that they would ringfence NHS funding and would not privatise it. They lied. For all their claims, NHS funding in real terms has fallen. See the stats Mike over at Vox Political has published on this. As for their lies, it’s so egregious that the Tories are embarrassed by the sheer number of broken promises. They have thus taken to removing the promises they made at the last election from their website.

They are liars, who cannot be trusted. If they get in power, that £8bn will mysteriously vanish, and the NHS will be privatised.

Vote them out on May 7th.