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Another Angry Voice on the Delusional Liberal Democrats

September 14, 2013

The Angry Yorkshireman has posted up another piece commenting on the declaring by the Libdem MP, Sarah Teather, that she intends to resign after the next election in protest at the party’s betrayal of Liberal values. The Angry One raises the following very good questions about her proposed resignation:

‘If she is truly opposed to the illiberal tendencies of the coalition government, why doesn’t she resign immediately, rather than hanging on as a Lib-Dem MP until 2015? If she doesn’t want to quit parliament before her time is up, why doesn’t she quit the Liberal Democrat party, cross the floor and serve out her time as an independent, or join a genuinely left-liberal party like the Green Party (if they would even have her after her decision to oppose equal rights for gay people)?

Another question is why now? I mean, it was absolutely obvious that the Lib-Dems had abandoned any pretence at being a liberal party when they backed the fascistic Justice and Security “secret courts” Bill earlier this year. Sarah knew all about this betrayal of the liberal values that the Lib-Dems misleadingly continue to advertise in their name. In fact, she was one of the few Lib-Dem MPs with the requisite liberal values to vote against her party backing of this Kafkaesque legislation back in March 2013. Why has she waited until the week before the Lib-Dem conference to announce her resignation, when March 2013 was clearly a better moment.’

Her statement has provoked a storm of indignation from the Clegg loyalists, who still seem to see their party as centre left, despite its adoption of extreme Right-wing, and in the case of the secret courts, Fascistic policies. He goes on to state that the Libdem President, Tim Farron must be extremely deluded to continue to think of themselves as a centre left party after they have adopted the following policies:

‘•Further commodification of university education through the introduction of £9,000 a year fees (the highest public university fees in the World).
•Privatisation of huge swathes of the NHS (much of it into the hands of Tory party and Liberal Democrat donors).
•The introduction of ridiculous immigration rules that openly discriminate against British citizens and their families on purely economic grounds.
•Retroactive amendment of Workfare legislation in order to rob thousands of people of the compensation they deserved for having been unlawfully stripped of their benefits (legislation designed only to save Iain Duncan Smith from having to resign in disgrace).
•The introduction of Kafkaesque secret courts.
•The destruction of Legal Aid.
•The introduction of numerous house price inflation Ponzi schemes to funnel even more taxpayers’ cash into the private sector.
•Giving Britain’s 13,000 Millionaires an average £100,000 a year tax cut in the very same week that some 800,000 of Britain’s most vulnerable families were first hit with “Bedroom Tax”.
•The introduction of numerous bits of pro-corporate, anti-worker legislation.
•Support for moves to retroactively amend the terms of existing student loans to hike the interest rates so that the Student Loans Book can be flogged off to the banks (at an enormous long-term loss to the taxpayer).
•Governing during the longest period of deliberate wage repression in recorded history.
•The introduction of gagging legislation to silence criticism of the government by charities, trade unions, protest groups, religious organisations and community groups, whilst allowing the right-wing press to continue openly propagandising for the Tory party.
•Privatisation of the Post Office, despite widespread public opposition.’

The article is at

The Libdems effectively threw out any Liberal values they had when they leapt into forming the Coalition with Cameron. In one of my last posts on Syria, I included Tom Lehrer’s ‘Send in the Marines’, as, after about half a century, it was still an excellent comment on the current situation and the political use of military force. I include here another of Lehrer’s songs, this one aptly describing the current moral stance of the Libdems: ‘Selling Out’.