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Secular Talk on Clinton’s Praise of Nancy Reagan’s Stance on AIDS

April 5, 2016

This is another example of how, when it comes to the Right and gay rights, the opposite is the truth. In this video, Kyle Kulinski talks about how Hillary Clinton praised Nancy Reagan, the late wife of Ronald, for her ‘quiet advocacy’ of AIDS victims. In a speech about the death of the former First Lady, Hillary claimed that Nancy had spent decades quietly promoting AIDS research and the treatment of its victims. She claimed that this softly-softly approach had finally paid off in the acceptance AIDS victims have recently gained in America.

I’m posting this video because, like BoJo’s promotion of Brexit as a pro-Gay policy, the reality is the complete opposite. Nancy and her husband were determinedly anti-gay, and passed a series of acts stopping state expenditure on the treatment of the unfortunates, who had contracted this disease. Among the victims of their legislation was their friend, Rock Hudson. Hudson, the older people among us may recall, was one of the big TV stars, who fatally contracted the disease. In his desperation, the dying star personally contracted the Reagans to request that they allow him to be treated in an army hospital in Germany. It was refused.

Of course, Hillary’s own stance on gay issues has also been mixed, to put it politely. Although she claims to be in favour of gay marriage now, in fact she waited until the very last minute, electorally speaking, to announce her new-found embrace of marriage equality. Before then, when the majority of voters were very definitely against it, she was with them. Now she’s changed her tune. And so did Nancy, posthumously.

Now Hillary has taken back what she’s said, and cleared the comments from social media. But this incident still shows her own mendacity and duplicity in claiming a liberal platform for herself, which she does not actually support. Here’s the video.

As for the Gipper, or whatever it was they called Reagan, he was responsible for more and worse horrors than denying medical treatment to those stricken with a horrible disease. Like supporting the various Fascist dictators and their murderous death squads in Latin America.

These are good reasons enough to post up this video, but the point I want to make is that Hillary’s public comments whitewashing Nancy Reagan’s venomous hostility to AIDS victims isn’t isolated. After Hillary did it, Boris over here decided he was going to do something similar. And lo! and Behold! He was on the ‘Out and Proud’ website today, lying about how gay rights in Britain were all down to the noble Tories, and not due to those beastly foreigners across la Manche.

The British and American Right are connected. When one lies, the other takes notice and tries to do likewise. Don’t be fooled. Whatever they tell you, it’s still the opposite of the truth.