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Hope Not Hate Petitions Tory Leadership to Allow EU Immigrants to Stay

July 4, 2016

The anti-racist, anti-religious extremism organisation, Hope Not Hate, is supporting the campaign of the think tank, British Future, of writing to the Tory leadership candidates requesting them to grant EU immigrants, who are already here, the right to remain. They are requesting people to support their campaign by signing copies of the letter, in the same people sign internet petitions. The letter reads:

To the Conservative leadership candidates

The British public’s decision to leave the EU will bring many changes, most likely including changes to immigration and free movement rules.

There is considerable anxiety for the 3 million EU citizens who have made their homes in the UK, and the 1.2 million British citizens living in other EU countries. The Prime Minister’s post-referendum statement that there would be ‘no immediate changes’ to their status will have been less than fully reassuring.

This is also a vital concern for many British businesses and public services employing EU nationals, who do not want retrospective disruption to their existing workforce at a time of economic uncertainty.

We would urge you to make a clear and unequivocal statement that EU migrants currently living in the UK are welcome to stay here.

A clear, public commitment to protect the status of EU migrants was made by the official Vote Leave campaign – and it is important that is honoured.

By adopting this policy, the UK puts itself in a strong position to seek a clear reciprocal commitment from other EU members that EU citizens in the UK and UK nationals in other EU countries should be able to continue to live and work in those countries.

We believe there are principled, practical and legal reasons why this would be the only sensible and decent policy now that Britain has voted to Leave the EU. Research from ICM for British Future finds that 84% of the British public supports letting EU migrants stay – including three-quarters (77%) of Leave voters.

It would also send a clear statement to the extreme minority, who now appear to believe they have licence to attack and harass migrants and minorities, that the British public finds their views repugnant and unwelcome in our society.


I’ve signed it, because I’m concerned about the stress and insecurity it has already given migrants, who have contributed to this country’s welfare by working and paying tax over here.

If you want to sign it also, you can find it over at the Hope Not Hate site at

The letter is contained in the moving banner, along with many of the organisation’s other campaigns, at the top of the page.