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A Warning For People on Medication for Depression

March 29, 2016

This is a warning based on my personal experience. Like many people, I suffer from depression, for which I am, thankfully, on medication. However, the government, David Cameron, George Osborne, the head of the health service, Jeremy Hunt, and their corporate paymasters seem to resent the fact that so many people in Britain now are on medicine to treat this condition. So they’re doing their best to throw people off it. About a year or so I had to go to my doctor again for an examination after I had a repeat prescription turned down. I was told that because the government was concerned about the mental wellbeing of sufferers like myself, they were stopping automatic repeat conditions in order to make people see their doctors. It is, I was told, a condition that can get worse, and so it had been decided that sufferers like myself had to be seen every three months rather than the six I was used to. The doctor, after examining me and asking how I was going, said he’d go back to the previous appointment system of every six months.

This hasn’t happened. I tried to get a repeat prescription last week, only to have it cancelled with no explanation. So I managed to make an appointment today to sort it out. I was told by the doctor straight out that the government didn’t care about people with depression, and so wasn’t going to notify them that they needed to make another appointment with their doctor if they want to continue treatment. Their medication is just automatically cancelled after three months. The doctor I saw was, however, helpful and after examining me, wrote out another prescription.

Ironically, on Radio Bristol at the same time I was being told this about the government there was an interview with a local woman, who worked for a mental health charity. The lady herself had suffered from anxiety, and so was urging a greater awareness of mental health issues.

So, if you suffer from depression, or know someone who does, be warned. The government has clearly decided that you only deserve to be on it for three months. After which, they seem to believe that you have got better. For some, that might be true. For many others, definitely not. It seems to me very much they are cancelling automatic repeat prescriptions for depression as they really do believe that it’s simply the case of pulling yourself back together. Or straightening your tie, putting your shoulders back and singing the national anthem, or whatever other stupid remark Cameron thought was a witty reply to Corbyn in parliament the other week. Presumably the hope is that if people don’t go to the doctor, they’re obviously not so sick they need to see them. Or they simply don’t care if they are too confused by the situation to get an appointment. They simply want people off benefit.

If you are like me, please don’t get caught out. They’re using any trick they can to throw people off benefits. People have been sanctioned simply because they’ve been late responding to a request for an interview. Don’t let them pull the same trick with your mental health.