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Marine Le Pen Wants to End Free Education for Immigrant Children

December 10, 2016

Padraic Flanagan also wrote a story in yesterday’s I reporting that Marine Le Pen, the head of the French Front National, had recommended that immigrant children should not automatically qualify for free education. The report ran

The French far-right leader Marine Le Pen has called for an end to automatic free education for foreign children. She has said foreigners in France should go through a “waiting period” before benefiting from the country’s social services and that children whose parents are in France illegally should not be allowed access to free schooling.

Ms Le Pen, a candidate in France’s spring presidential election, took the subject in front of reporters yesterday during a stroll through the Paris Christmas market on the Avenue des Champs-Elysees.

The National Front leader also wants to stop what she calls “massive” immigration and is urging an exit from the European Union and its common euro currency. (p.13).

Mike’s covered similar issues in several of his blog posts. There have been demands from Tory and Kipper politicos to stop immigrants and immigrant children from qualifying for certain welfare benefits in this country. Mike has pointed out how this is not only grossly unjust, but also risks increasing the spread of disease, in the case of denying illegal immigrants medical care. He has also most recently stated that it is immoral to punish children for the crimes of their parents.

Much the same arguments apply here. This policy also risks pushing up immigrant crime. If immigrant children are denied the right to an education, this effectively blocks them from entering the jobs market. They will thus either have to rely on the welfare state, or turn to crime. And it will further radicalise them, by forcing them to turn inward to their own communities for support.

It’s a vile idea. But unfortunately, such ideas are becoming increasingly common in the post-Brexit, post-Trump world.

The Videos by Jimmy Dore on Tony Blair and the Chilcot Report

July 9, 2016

In the three videos below, the left-wing American comedian Jimmy Dore gives an almost line-by-line, sentence-by-sentence commentary on Blair’s speech responding to the findings of the Chilcot inquiry into the invasion of Iraq. This has found that it was indeed an illegal war; that it was launched before all the opportunities of reaching a peaceful settlement had been exhausted; that there was no proper preparation for its conclusion and the restoration of peace afterwards; and that the invasion would result in further ethnic violence, bloodshed and the involvement of Iran.

Dore calls Blair what he is: a war criminal, who is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of servicemen, and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis, and for the rise of the bloody Islamist radicals of Daesh/ISIS. But these videos shows Blair is completely unrepentant. He tries to pass the blame instead on a ‘gridlocked’ UN, which could not come to a conclusion, and baldly states, against the evidence of the Report itself, that no-one could have predicted the sectarian and ethnic chaos that would follow the invasion. Except they did. They show he was desperate to join Bush, whom Dore also calls a rightwing maniac – and that he twisted the arms of the other 40 countries, who joined the coalition. Blair challenges his opponents to make an alternative decision, for what should have been done, as Saddam Hussein was a butcher who killed his own people. What do they think would have happened if Britain and America had not done anything? Dore makes it clear that nothing would have happened. There would have been no threat, no massacres, nothing. He also attacks Blair’s assumption of moral superiority in the violence he unleashed, as if western bombs were somehow kinder than those being used by Daesh/ISIS. As if rather than blowing people up, they hugged them to death. Blair also tries to shift the blame instead onto the rise of ISIS, but they only emerged after the Iraq invasion. And Dore also quotes John Prescott, who states that the radicalisation of British Muslims is probably due to the images they see on TV of their co-religionists being killed by western troops in an illegal invasion ‘rather than that book they read’. It’s not the Qu’ran that has encouraged so many western Muslims to join ISIS/Daesh. It’s western aggression.

These are angry, impassioned videos, and rightly so. Dore shows how the British press is uniformly condemning Blair, and how Blair, despite the evidence to the contrary, still won’t accept that he was wrong. Despite Blair’s pontificating, no lessons have been learned either. He shows a clip of Hillary Clinton mouthing off about invading Iran if they don’t get into line. And Dore states that Blair cut short his speech, after he went off to a dinner of arms manufacturers. I honestly don’t know whether that piece is real or satire. Considering how so many of the politicians connected to this conflict, including the Tory leader, David Cameron are cheerfully involved with the ‘merchants of death’, I think it’s all too likely to be real. Dore makes it very clear that Blair is indeed a mass killer, who should be behind bars.

Civitas Pamphlet against the On-Line Jihadis

October 12, 2014

Okay, I’ve been away from blogging for a little while now. This has partly been because I’ve been distracted by other projects. I’ve been working on the manuscript and proofs for a book based on my PhD thesis. I’ve sent them all in, and the publishers have said that everything’s running smoothly. Hopefully, if everything goes as planned, the book should be published in December.

I also have to say that I found the political situation here in Britain so depressing and infuriating, that for the last couple of months I found going through my DVD collection far more attractive than having to sit down and contemplate everything rotten in modern Britain, no matter how urgent and necessary that is.

However, I’m now back blogging, and hope to continue doing so, barring further interruptions.

Yusra Hussien: Bristol Somali Girl Lured to Join ISIS

One of the particularly disturbing stories in the local news here in Bristol is that of Yusra Hussien, a fifteen year old Somali schoolgirl from Bristol. The girl has gone to Syria with another girl just a couple of years older, aged seventeen. She is believed to have been radicalised by ISIS through their Jihadist websites. She has gone to Syria to become a wife for the Islamist militants. In their meetings with the press, her family – mother and aunt, have given the impression of a very young, impressionable teenager. They told, for example, of the way she still sucked her thumb while watching TV. They fear that they have lost their daughter, and in a press interview yesterday called on the government to act against the extremist websites, like those that have poisoned their daughter’s mind.

Although the issue on online radicalisation by militant Islamists is very much at the heart of the debate about contemporary Islam, and Islamist terrorism, it’s also part of the wider problem of the exposure of teenagers to harmful material on the Web. The Net can be a magnificent resource, but there is the problem that it can leave children open to predators, such as paedophiles grooming their victims, vicious bullies, thugs on trolls on social media, and political and religious extremists preaching hatred and violence. I know non-Muslim parents, who are troubled by the case of Yusra Hussien, and have every sympathy for her family. It’s many parent’s deepest fear that they may lose a child through being unable to protect them from the dangers of the outside world, whether physical or ideological.

The Problem of Islamist Terrorist Websites

Unfortunately, it’s unclear what exactly can be done against the Jihadi websites. Their online as a way of evading British anti-terror laws. My guess is that most of them are based abroad, so that domestic British legislation doesn’t apply to them, and there are immense ideological and commercial problems and objections to the wholesale censorship of the internet.

Despite this, there are groups and organisations providing help and information exposing the online extremists. Looking through the Religion and Politics sections of the Oxfam bookshop in Cheltenham the other day, I found a pamphlet, Virtual Jihad, published by Civitas. Civitas are an organisation dedicated to fighting Islamist extremism, and the pamphlet is a guide to the on-line Islamist sites, and the vile hatred they promote. Yusra Hussien’s family have called on parents to be aware of and watch carefully what their children read online, both on their computers and mobile phones. It’s excellent advice, and the above pamphlet should help parents worried about the ideological slant of what their children are reading make decisions about it.

I didn’t do much more than glance at the pamphlet, so I can’t give any details about the price or much of the content, except it gives a very full description of the views the leading Islamist militant bigots spread on their sites. If there is sufficient interest, I will, however, go back and get hold of copy and write a longer review.