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Poor Doors Show the Tories’ True Attitude to the White Working Class – And Anyone Else Who Isn’t A Rich Public Schoolboy

November 3, 2014

Part of the Republican electoral strategy in America under George ‘Dubya’ Bush was capitalising on the fears and resentments of ‘angry White men’. These were mostly lower class White males, who felt threatened economically and socially by the advancement of women and non-whites as they competed with them for jobs and social status. This involved in particular stoking up resentment against the ‘positive discrimination’ affirmative action programmes designed to give greater opportunities to women and ethnic minorities. Morris Dees of the Southern Poverty Law Center in his book attacking the rise of the extreme Right-wing militias in America, Gathering Storm, describes one particular party political broadcast used by the Republicans to generate and exploit White working and lower middle class resentment. It consisted of the camera looking at a job rejection letter held between two White hands. The voiceover said, ‘You worked for that job’, and then went on to describe how ‘you’ had been rejected for a lesser qualified ethnic candidate due to government schemes to promote greater opportunities for these groups.

While fortunately there hasn’t been any media campaigns by the Tories explicitly like that over here, and it’s likely that any such election broadcasts or literature would be illegal under current equalities legislation and laws against fomenting racial hatred, nevertheless the Tories have tried something similar. Back in the last decade, the Tory magazine the Spectator ran a number of pieces following the Daily Mail line about Black criminality. It also repeatedly and explicitly stated that White working class men were actively discriminated against in the capital. I distinctly remember the line in one article that said, ‘There’s only one ethnic minority that isn’t welcome in central London, and that’s White working class men.’ Or words to that effect. All this was due to political correctness and left-wing councils with their positive discrimination policies.

The construction of ‘poor doors’ and segregated entrances for rich and poor in new housing in the capital shows how seriously the Tories really take trying to reach out to an impoverished and threatened White working class: they don’t. Working and lower middle class Whites, like their Black or Asian friends and neighbours, are very definitely regarded as unwelcome neighbours for the rich. They are to be kept well away from them at arms length, if not to be excluded altogether from traditional working class areas now being colonised and gentrified by the affluent.

The same can be said about Farage and UKIP. Farage and the Kippers make an appeal to the White working class through their attacks on immigration, and a deliberate attempt to woo ‘non-racist’ BNP voting-Whites, who feel marginalised and threatened in areas with a large Black or Asian population. Nevertheless, UKIP’s major donors are all right-wing former Tories, and their domestic policies – rightly described as ‘Thatcherism on steroids’ – are also designed to make conditions for the working and lower middle classes worse for the benefit of employers and the rich.

There will only be real change to improve conditions for the lower classes when people of all colours come together to challenge the Tory class prejudice, and the cynical way they provoke and exploit racial resentment, all the while denying that they are doing so.