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UKIP Vice Chairman Bristol Is Pornstar

April 9, 2015

More weirdness and sleaze from the Kippers in Bristol. Their vice chairman, John Langley, is in the Mirror and the local paper, the Bristol Post. It seems that the ‘vice’ section of his job title is particularly appropriate. He’s a porn star, plying his sordid trade under the monicker ‘Johnny Rockard’, and has been running his own company making porn films for eight years. Last January he stood for the local elections in Brislington East, where he came second with 886 votes. He is now standing as their candidate for Stockwood in the local elections there, hoping to unseat the Tories Jay Jethwa.

One of Bristol’s two universities, the University of the West of England, threatened him with legal action last January after he made a 23 minute dirty movie on campus. This featured him walking around the university asking female students for sex, until one of them, ‘Xzena’, agreed.

The mind boggles at the thought of this porn baron trying to represent the good people of Stockwood. It’s a quiet, residential suburb in the south of Bristol, just across the Wells Road from my little bit of Bristol. I’m not trying to make the people out to be paragons of virtue, but as areas go, it’s hardly Babylon.

Langley claims that the Kippers haven’t mentioned or objected to his line of work. This suggests to me not so much that the party is entirely comfortable with a porn baron in their midst, but that they’re desperate. After all, if you’re a party trying to present yourselves as a reasonable, creditable choice as democratic representatives, you tend to choose respectable candidates. People’s, whose integrity appears genuine and who can be trusted. This tends to rule out automatically the grubby denizens of the sex industry.

It looks to me that Langley has been selected simply because the Kippers in Bristol don’t have anyone else more suitable.

Not that this is necessarily an either/or issue. It could also be that the party is also full of raging perverts, like the numerous paedophiles in the BNP and other parties of the far right. At least of those on the blatant Nazi fringe owns a sex shop in London selling the date rape drug, Rohypnol.

There is far more serious side to this, however, beyond being astonished at how weird and sordid the Kippers are. Langley’s antics at UWE are seedy and pernicious. There has been a rise in the number of students working in the sex industry, from stripping to prostitution, in order to pay tuition fees.

The University was quite right to be outraged at Langley shooting his grubby little epic on campus, and the danger he presented of drawing girls and women into the sordid and exploitative world of the sex industry.

I found this meme against him on the SlatUKIP site. I’ve got a feeling it comes from EDL News. The image is taken from one of the newspaper article’s on him, and does show something of the grim content of his videos.

UKIP Porn Star

Hope Not Hate on Government Blocking of Anti-Slavery Legislation

March 25, 2015

The anti-racist, anti-Fascist and anti-religious extremism organisation, Hope Not Hate, has this important piece about the Coalition’s stance on migrant slavery in the UK today, Which side of history will Britain be on slavery? Today is the International Day of Remembrance for the Victims of Slavery and the Transatlantic Slave Trade, but the article also reminds us that there are 36 million people in slavery around the world today, including, odiously, 13,000 migrant servants living here in the UK.

The article discusses how the Coalition voted out the Lords’ amendments to the Modern Slavery Bill. These included the rights for migrant domestic workers to leave the employers. Four years ago this same coalition refused to ratify the International Labour Organisation’s Convention, which would also have allowed migrant servants to leave their employers. Karen Bradey, the government’s minister for modern slavery and organised crime last week again refused appeals for the government to ratify it.

Last year, Hope Not Hate, Justice 4 Domestic Workers, KALAYAAN, and UNITE the Union handed in a petition and postcards to David Cameron requesting him to end the slavery of domestic migrant workers in Britain. He has not done so.

The article concludes with the following appeal:

16,000 people are now asking for justice to be done and for parliament to bring back HOPE for domestic workers turned modern day slaves in the UK.

Today, the Modern Slavery Bill bounces back to the Lords for consideration of Commons’ unforgivable changes. If not today, on the International Day of Remembrance of the Victims of Slavery, then when will this government decide to be on the right side of history and put their deeds where their words are?

Please take to social media and remind Conservative and Liberal Democrat members of both houses that you would not want to be #ChainedToYourBoss and thus help migrant domestic workers in the UK regain their freedom and HOPE.

The article can be read at:

This is a vitally important issue. The commemoration of slavery and the slave trade is a contentious and controversial topic. It is one that has strongly demanded by Black and civil rights activists, who were horrified and disgusted by what they saw as the British’ failure to confront this aspect of the country’s past. Many towns have organised displays and exhibitions charting their involvement in the slave trade. Liverpool Museum had a gallery devoted to it, and in 1995 Bristol Museum held an exhibition, A Respectable Trade, about Bristol’s participation. It took it’s name partly from the title of a book by the writer of historical fiction, Philippa Gregory, then being shown as a Sunday night drama series on the Beeb. Other countries apart from Britain have also put own their own slavery exhibitions. Nantes in Britanny also put on an exhibition on their part in the French slave trade, called ‘L’Annees du Memoire’.

The problem of slavery in the modern world was also the subject of a book published in the 1990s, Disposable People. This covered the various types of bondage across the world, from Brazil, Mauretania in Africa, the logging camps and mining towns in Thailand and south-east Asia, and Arab countries. The author pointed out that slavery was often disguised as long-term indentured contracts. Those caught in it including labourers, miners, loggers and prostitutes. The book was called ‘Disposable People’, because that was the attitude of the slavers to the people they owned and exploited. They were there to be used, and then discarded without a qualm when they had no further use for them. And their lives are very, very cheap. There are sections in the book where you need a very strong stomach.

And slavery has crept back into Europe through legislation that binds domestic workers – servants – to their masters when they come to Britain. Under this legislation, the servants come under their masters’ passports, and thus are bound to them. As a result, thousands of domestic servants have found themselves kept as virtual slaves by their employers. They have no rights or control over their conditions, and may be beaten and abused as their masters please. The book describes the cases of a number of migrant domestic workers, who found themselves forced into slavery through this system in Britain and elsewhere in Europe, giving the estimated number of slaves thus kept in Paris.

William Wilberforce, the 18th century campaigner for the abolition of the slave trade, is something of a cause celebre amongst some Tories. He was an evangelical Christian, whose great faith moved him to campaign tireless against the brutalisation and exploitation of African slaves. He was also a High Tory, who believed in laissez faire capitalism. He thus appealed to them as an example of Conservative humanitarianism. One of the former members of John Major’s cabinet wrote a biography of Wilberforce a few years ago, though I can’t remember which one.

The Coalition’s stance on outlawing modern slavery in the UK shows just how far their sympathies with Wilberforce’s campaign really extend: not very. And the rise in the numbers of people enslaved around the world is alarming. When Disposable People was written, there was an estimated 20 million people in slavery. According to the Hope Not Hate article, it’s now risen to 36 million. Previous works on slavery in the modern world, while not being complacent, had considered that it was gradually dying out. One of the presidents of Nigeria, according to one book I read, had a particular type of facial scarring that in tradition Nigerian society indicated slave status. Similarly, the hereditary slaves in traditional forms of bondage, such as in Mauretania, were likely to be the best treated and valued, compared to the labourers trapped in more modern forms. It’s revolting and horrifying that slavery has returned, including the sale of women and girls for sex slavery by the jihadis of ISIS.

It’s clearly going to be a long time, and require a great deal of international effort, before slavery is ever truly eradicated and all of Earth’s people can stand together as free men and women. There’s only so much that can be done by one country. But Britain can start by breaking the chains of migrant domestic workers. They can and should be allowed to leave abusive masters.

Karen Bradey, the minister, who turned down this legislation on behalf of Cameron and Clegg’s government, used to be one of Sir Alan Sugar’s two supervising minions on The Apprentice. She made a speech a little while ago talking about the struggle women have to be taken seriously in business. She’s right, but her speech was a bit rich coming from her. She started her career working for the porn and press baron, and former owner of Channel 5, Richard ‘Dirty’ Desmond. Clearly her demand for respect for women in business doesn’t extend to those further down the scale, and their male colleagues, who wish to escape abuse.

Putin’s Driving Ban for Pervs and Crims: Would This Man Be Allowed to Drive?

January 12, 2015

Desmond pic

Richard Desmond, porn baron, owner of Express newspapers and Hello!, and former owner of Channel 5. From the cover of Private Eye for 30th April – 13 May 2004, when he switched allegiance from Blair to the Tories.

There was a mixture of outrage, incredulity and ridicule last week, when Putin announced his new laws designed to cut down on dangerous driving in Russia. These made it illegal for transgendered people, along with ‘fetishists, voyeurs and exhibitionists’, and ‘compulsive gamblers and thieves’ to drive. Much of this outrage was directed at Putin’s bigoted view that somehow transgender people cannot drive safely. It’s in line with his regime’s continuing clampdown on homosexuality in Russia. The ban on driving for perverts and compulsive gamblers probably comes from a moral crusade to clean up Russia, intended to appeal to Russian Orthodox voters and other people of faith. The ban on thieves also probably stems from a desire to create a further disincentive to crime. The Russian psychiatric association criticised the new laws, pointing out the obvious: that few of these conditions actually affected anyone’s ability to drive. Amidst all the furore over the laws themselves, there is an interesting question: how will it affect great media moguls like Richard Desmond.

Desmond is the owner of a range of porno magazines and the Fantasy X Channel. By definition, the porn industry is full of, and consumed by,’fetishists, voyeurs and exhibitionists’. As for compulsive gamblers, the commercial TV channels after 9 pm or thereabouts are full of adverts for on-line gambling, as well as various forms of Bingo. Desmond also opened his own ‘Health Lottery’, a proportion of the profits of which would go into the NHS. As for thieves, in the past Desmond dealt with one of America’s more notorious mafia clans. They beat and tortured one of his directors after Desmond refused to refund their money after they found out that he had inflated his magazines’ circulation figures. They finally got it after they threatened to put a price on his head.

So Desmond runs a business by and for perverts of all types, as well as promoting gambling and had business dealings with organised crime. Under Putin’s new laws, it seems to me that there is absolutely no chance that he’ll be able to drive anywhere in Russia himself. If he ever goes to the land of Tchaikovsky, Stalin and Ivan the Terrible, it looks like he’s going to spending much of his time walking or getting taxis.

More Tabloid Satire: John Cooper Clarke on the Daily Express

October 8, 2013

Just so Richard Desmond, the editor of the Daily Express, doesn’t feel left out of the fun, here’s the poet John Cooper Clarke reciting his poem, You’ll Never See a Nipple in the Daily Express. The underground poet satirises the Express’ lynch mob mentality, its hatred of immigrants, strikers and Margaret Thatcher. He summarises the rag as ‘full of pornography that’s clean’, and repeats the refrain, ‘but you’ll never see a nipple in the Daily Express’. It’s a comment on the way the other middle-market tabloid feels free to print all kinds of lies, falsehoods and what can be fairly described as the pornography of hate, while pretending to be morally superior from the explicit porn magazines and their nudity.

The clip’s clearly several decades’ old now, as is shown by the Punk layout and typefaces on the record cover and the references to Mrs Thatcher. It’s still relevant, however, as the Daily Express is as right-wing as ever, and Mrs Thatcher is still the idol of the Tory, and even sections of the Labour Party. If anything, the Express’ hypocrisy has got worse. Richard Desmond, its proprietor, is indeed a pornographer, who owns a variety of, ahem, top shelf publications. This has not prevented the newspaper from adopting the moral high ground, however, and running stories attacking modern sexual morality and sex and nudity on television. All while Desmond’s company, Northern and Shell, is churning out more smut. As for sex on TV, Desmond is also responsible for some of this through his own porn cable channel. Here’s John Cooper Clarke

The Youtube address is