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Disabled Protester Jody McIntyre Hauled from Wheelchair by Police during 2010 Student Riots

January 31, 2014

This is footage from Youtube of Jody McIntyre being dragged from his wheelchair to the ground by the police during the 2010 riots against the Coalition’s raising of tuition fees. As you might expect from such a disgraceful incident, there is strong language so viewer discretion is advised.

It can be seen on Youtube at

I was told about this incident and the footage of it by one of the great commenters to this blog, who was worried that the police would use similar tactics against disabled people attending the nationwide protests against ATOS scheduled for next month (February). Looking at this incident, I think that unfortunately there’s a real possibility of this. After all, Ian Duncan Smith personally seems to regard the disabled as a real, physical threat to his safety. When he was called to appear before the Work and Pensions Committee, he entered the room surrounded by bodyguards and armed policemen, who pointed their guns at the public gallery, which included disabled people and their carers.

McIntyre himself was interviewed on TV about the incident. Here’s one of them, also from Youtube.

The Youtube address for this is at

There’s another interview with him on Sky News, in which he says that this was the second time this happened. He believes that the police deliberately seek to provoke violence in order to justify Conservative attitudes and policies.

This video can also be found on Youtube at

I’m afraid there is some evidence to support McIntyre’s allegations against the police. One of my cousins attended the poll tax protests in London over twenty years ago during the last days of Margaret Thatcher’s tenure of 10 Downing Street. I heard from her that the police forcibly tried to pull her from the crowd, but her friends managed to pull her back before she could be beaten like some of the other protesters.

I am not anti-police by any means, and am very aware that they do a difficult and strenuous job trying to protect society. Often the villains they confront are hardened, violent, brutal individuals. But this clearly appears not to have been the case with Mr McIntyre. I therefore strongly suggest that anyone attending the protests against ATOS should be very careful to protect themselves and their friends, particularly those with disabilities in case something like this happens again.