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The Young Turks Celebrate Three Heroes of the Shootings in Denmark

February 25, 2015

This is a club from The Young Turks show, an American internet show which critiques the news from a left-wing perspective. In this clip their anchor, Cenk Uyghur, praises three of the most outstanding people during the Islamist attack on the free speech presentation and the synagogue in Denmark the other week. One of them was the synagogue’s security guard. Another was a woman at the free speech meeting, who after the shooting had stopped, got up and resumed her presentation. The third was a young Muslim woman, Hajrad Arshad, who was so shocked at the atrocity that had been committed in the name of Islam, that she got 450 other Muslims to form a ‘peace ring’ around the synagogue in Oslo. She said she did this to combat prejudice against both Jews and Muslims.

These are three truly inspiring people. And so long as there’s people like them, the bigots and murderous fanatics of whatever stripe will never win.