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Vox Political: Senior MPs To Get Third Pay Rise of up to £15,000

February 15, 2016

This is just insulting. Mike also today posted this result from the Mirror Online. It seems that 80 senior MPs are in line to receive another pay hike of 1.3%, which in practical terms means they’ll get a pay rise of between £3,700 to £15,000. See

This is higher than the average pay rise, and at a time of massive pay restraint and growing debt, it’s an insult. Ordinary working people are in effect taking cuts in their salaries due to inflation, and as we’ve seen, increasing numbers of finding it very hard to make ends meet. The resentment felt ten years ago over the MPs’ expenses scandal was immense, and this will raise bitter memories for many members of the public. It’s also come at a time when MPs have banned the details of their own arrests from being disclosed.

This strongly presents the image that MPs are isolated, corrupt and extremely self-indulgent. I’ve blogged today about recent polls showing that Congress only has an approval rating of 15%. I wonder how high our parliament would rate if the same poll was conducted over here. I would imagine it would be much the same.