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Cameron Demands Cabinet Ministers Take Oath of Personal Loyalty

February 1, 2016

During the Third Reich, the Germans had a joke: ‘What’s the biggest, most useless choir in the world?’ The answer was ‘The Reichstag, because it’s got 600 members, but only sings two songs.’ The joke referred to the fact that, although Hitler had complete dictatorial powers under the constitution, they were his only so long as Germany was in a state of emergency. So every four years, by law Hitler had to recall them and get them to renew the state of emergency. The two songs the German parliament sang were at these occasions were the Nazi Party anthem, the Horst Wessel Song, and ‘Deutschland, Deutschland Uber Alles’. After that, the Reichstag was dismissed for another four years, leaving the Nazi delegates to go home to look forward to another four years of hate, murder, torture and genocide.

Last week, Mike over at Vox Political put up this piece comparing Hitler’s insistence on the German army and civil servants taking a personal oath of loyalty to him with Cameron’s insistence that the cabinet swear their personal allegiance to him over the question of EU membership: This shows just how insecure Cameron and his party are over the whole issue of the European Union, as well as the creeping Nazi hunger for personal power behind the mask of relaxed post-modern management he’s tried to adopt. Last week the cabinet, then the civil service and finally the army. If only he could dissolve parliament, declare a state of national emergency and round up all those wretched Reds, trade unionists, disabled people and asylum seekers. In the meantime it reminds me of this scene from the Blues Brothers:

Can we look forward to the day when Cameron, chasing Corbyn and the Labourites hell for leather to Number 10 in his car goes careering off an unfinished raised highway to his doom? And on the way down IDS, his partner, says ‘I have always loved you’, before they both hit the road so hard that it nearly carries them to the centre of the Earth?