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Hope Not Hate on Another Split in the National Front

June 30, 2016

A few minutes ago I put up a piece about the report on Mike’s blog that the BNP had been pushing one of their vile leaflets through people’s doors in Dewsbury, accusing the murdered MP Jo Cox of being ‘misguided’ and aiding people, who could join ISIS. I suggested in my post that this was an attempt by the BNP to show that it’s still relevant, having lost membership through various splits and leadership coups.

This factionalism and bitter infighting is also shared by the various other corpuscules forming this country’s Fascist fringe. Hope Not Hate, the anti-racist, anti-religious extremism organisation reported yesterday that another group had emerged from the noxious stew of British Fascism. The stormtroopers holding the banner in Newcastle on Saturday proclaiming ‘Stop Immigration Start Repatriation’ were the Northern Patriotic Front, who have merged with some of the bootboys from the NF to another grouplet, Northern Nationalists. The stormtrooper holding the banner was one Simon Biggs, who has been accused by his former National Comrades in the NF of stealing their banner, an accusation which Biggs denies.

Hope Not Hate concludes by saying it’s a case of ‘Same old rubbish. Just a different name.’