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Anti-Kipper Poster on London Lamp Post

March 11, 2015

I found this poster placard against UKIP canvassers on the SlatUKIP page. It’s really quite hilarious, especially as it requests them not to come to the area because ‘they’re kind of weird’.

Anti-Kipper Lamp-Post

If you can’t read it, the text says

You guys are kind of weird. Maybe it’s Nigel’s smoking jacket, or the time you proposed that all taxi drivers should have to wear a uniform. Or the crazy people that your party seems to attract. Whatever. Something’s not right. So beat it.

I have no doubt that after this, the Kippers will be fulminating about no-go areas in which patriotic White Britons dare not enter, and how the Left-wing opposition that maligns them as Fascists is itself deeply undemocratic for not allowing them their democratic right to go around stirring up racial tension, and demanding that women and the proles should be put in their place and like it.

It’s still funny though.

Hope Not Hate’s Day of Action against UKIP 21st-22nd March

March 10, 2015

The anti-racism and religious extremism group, Hope Not Hate, is planning a day of action to oppose UKIP later this month. The group remarked on the way Farage attempted to capitalise on the horror of the Charlie Hebdo attack in Paris last month. He blamed multiculturalism and immigration for the attacks, and stated that there was now a ‘fifth column’ within Britain that hated mainstream British society. He also claimed that most French cities had no-go areas for non-Muslims.

He repeated the same comments at the end of last month when he addressed the CPAC Republican conference in America.
Hope Not Hate’s Nick Lowles wrote:

“Farage’s incendiary language is dangerous and will only whip up fear, suspicion and hatred. He is clearly moving to the right, so we need to redouble our efforts to stop him and his party.

“Hope not hate is calling a national weekend of action for 21/22 March.

“With just 65 days to go until the General Election, we need to step up our campaign. UKIP boast that it will win several seats and, more worryingly, could hold the balance of power in a hung parliament. UKIP also poses a real threat in 410 council wards.

“If you are appalled by Farage whipping up hatred and are worried about UKIP holding the balance of power, then please sign up to get involved.”

More information can be found on their site at

Hat tip to Mike over at Vox Political for also reporting this.