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Monkey Dust on the Daily Mail: Not Witty, Not Clever, but How a Lot of People Feel

October 7, 2013

Monkey Dust was a short-lived animated series on either BBC 3 or 4 a few years ago. It consisted of strange characters wandering around a bizarre and frequently bleak nocturnal world. In this clip, a couple reading an article from the Daily Mail wonder whether their son’s on heroin, as the poor lad lies spaced out in his chair, injecting the filth into his veins. Then a man goes into the Daily Mail’s building to talk to their editor. When he is ushered in, he finds that the editor is a giant piece of excrement. ‘Ah,’ he exclaims, ‘that explains everything’.

Really, it’s just scatological abuse. No, it’s not big, and it ain’t clever or witty. But it shows just how many people truly despise the tabloid.

The Youtube address for this clip is