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UKIP Royston Vesey Issues their Manifesto

February 24, 2015

I found this spoof manifesto for UKIP’s Royston Vesey branch over at the SlatUKIP facebook page. It follows the video someone put up on Youtube of clips from the Beeb’s Meet the Ukippers with the theme music and Tubbs and Edward from the League of Gentlemen. The problem with this, is that it fits UKIP only too well. They are indeed a ‘local party, for local people’.

Or a Nigel Farage might say to new members, ‘You’re my wife now, Dave’.

UKIP Thanet as Royston Vesey

February 23, 2015

I found this video over at the SlatUKIP facebook page. It portrays the UKIP Thanet branch from the BBC programme last night, Meet the Ukippers, as Royston Vesey, the weird, twisted town from the Beeb’s black comedy series, The League of Gentlemen.

This is actually quite fitting, as at the beginning of one episode, a man is shown handing out badges with a picture of smiling golliwog and a slogan demanding the return of slavery. Nostalgia for slavery was very much on display at a NF/BNP meeting down in the south-east a few years ago. One of the stormtroopers down there had bought a slave manacle to show off at one of their meetings.

UKIP aren’t that bad yet. But they do have more than their fair share of terrifying racist, as well as misogynist and homophobic weirdoes. And not only are the trying to win over the BNP’s voters, Nick Griffin has called on the pure Aryans of the far right to support them.

Welcome to Thanet. You’ll never leave.