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Fuhrage Speaks with Forked Tongue on the NHS. Again.

March 15, 2015

Farage was talking about the NHS and UKIP’s plans for it again in the Torygraph yesterday. He claimed that medical incompetence by NHS doctors nearly killed him. He was saved, again by the NHS, but left with the body of a 70 year old. He then outlined his plans to reform it. Mike has posted this article about it, NHS: has UKIP U-turned yet again? It begins

“UKIP believes in our NHS. That is why we have a credible plan to help it back on its feet.”

Don’t laugh – that is what UKIP’s website actually says about that party’s plans for the National Health Service. Current UKIP policy is that it supports the NHS, even though Nigel Farage has said it’s “a debate we’re going to have to return to”.

Previously he had admitted – on camera – that he would replace the NHS with a US-style health system.

Mike points out that he seems to be telling people that he will preserve the NHS while recommending that everyone who can should get private health insurance, despite the fact that very many people can’t afford it.

Mike’s article can be read at

This was essentially the Tories stance under Maggie Thatcher. She claimed repeatedly that she did not want to privatise it, all the while encouraging everyone to take out private health insurance. She also wanted to enable people to opt out of it. Those who did, would see their tax bill cut as they would become exempt from NHS contributions. She also set up a study, partly authored by Wassermann, now an advisor to David Cameron, about privatising the NHS. This was suppressed, but as recent Tory policy shows, it is still at the heart of Tory policy.

The NHS is being privatised piecemeal. There are 92 Tory and Lib Dem MPs, who support its privatisation and stand to gain commercially from it as directors and senior employees in private healthcare companies. These include Iain Duncan Smith. Nick Clegg is no better. The Lib Dem Orange Book, the key ideological text for the Neo-Liberal wing of the Lib Dems, has a chapter advocating the privatisation of the NHS.

And the Kippers have also repeatedly demanded and advocated the privatisation of the NHS. The Fuhrage has said he wants it replaced by a US-style insurance system, as Mike has pointed out. His deputy, Paul Nuttall, has said that the NHS ought to be privatised. So have many others.

But the Fuhrage also has enough political nous to realise that saying this outright will cost him the support of the ordinary, working and lower-middle class voters his party needs to win any kind of major electoral support. So fudges the issue by appearing to say two different things. Yes, he’s in favour of it. He wants to cut the bureaucracy introduced by Thatcher and the Tories as part of their plan to create an internal market.

But he also wants to replace it with an insurance system, and advises people to get private health insurance.

This policy, of apparently advocating retaining the NHS while planning for its abolition, has been stated most blatantly by the Traditional Britain Group. This is an extreme Right-wing think tank, which a few years ago attended fringe meetings at the Kipper party conference. They are venomously anti-working class, racist and Islamophobic. They openly demand the complete abolition of the welfare state. They also want to privatise the NHS, but have also said that this is impossible in the short-term because it is so massively popular. Thus they intend to retain it, but only for as long as it is political expedient.

And Nigel seems to have learned his lesson from them. He and his party have absolutely no plans or desire to retain the NHS. But they want you to think so for as long as they can get you to vote for them.

As for medical negligence and the comparative merits of private healthcare, the amount of iatrogenic disease (iatrogenic-caused by doctors) in America is horrendous. Part of the problem is that doctors are paid more if they operate. And so there are many cases of people undergoing unnecessary operations, simply because the surgeons get more cash.

And this is the system Nigel wants to introduce to the UK, and is trying to deceive you into believing is more reliable than the NHS and its medical staff.

Don’t be taken in.

@refuted: Independent Tribunals Have Been Destroyed by DWP Mandatory Reconsideration

March 10, 2015

@Refuted have posted this piece, Benefit Sanctions briefing: DWP’s Mandatory Reconsiderations have “effectively destroyed” independent Tribunals, reporting the effects of the DWP’s introduction of the above mandatory reconsideration on the number of cases now being appealed against according to the Benefit Sanctions Briefing of 18th February 2015. The complete report is available to download at the site. The piece by @refuted summarises the report, highlighting the most important facts to emerge from it. These include

The independent element in the system offered by Tribunals has been effectively destroyed, completely in the case of ESA and almost completely for JSA, where only 0.14% of sanction decisions are now being taken to a Tribunal. MR has had no overall impact on the proportion of JSA sanctions overturned, which remains at about 13%. But the proportion of ESA sanctions overturned has fallen from about 35% to about 20%. The most disturbing possibility is that ESA claimants’ medical conditions are rendering them unable to cope effectively with the phone calls made to them by DWP officials at home during the MR process.” [emphasis added]

The piece is at Go and read it.

This is another instance where the government has introduced reforms with the deliberate intention of making it even more difficult for the victims of government policy to appeal against it. Like cuts to legal aid, and the 600 per cent increase in tribunal fees in order to prevent people suing for medical negligence, amongst other cases, as reported on Sunday by Tom Pride.

This is a government that cares nothing for the poor, or for justice, and only about securing the power and prosperity of the wealthy.