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Meme against Private Healthcare

November 17, 2015

I also found this graphic on an American Tumblr site which succinctly states why healthcare should most definitely not be left in the hands of private industry, because of the terrible toll it places on a nation’s health.

Capitalist Healthcare

Unfortunately, the Tories in this country don’t care, and indeed vehemently reject all of these arguments, and are doing their level best to privatise the health service. The result will be soaring medical costs, illness and the constant fear amongst ordinary people of not having enough money to pay the doctor.

Just like it was in the last century before the NHS was founded in 1948.

This is the same NHS that the current Health Minister has stated very firmly should be scrapped. But the Tories and the paymasters in private medicine, Unum and the others, will see the profits pour in, and so they are doing and will do everything to destroy it.