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Facebook Page Commemorating Victims of Austerity

May 7, 2015

I found this page on Facebook through a comment posted on Tom Pride’s blog by Nick. It’s Remember the Dead, connected to the website We The People.

This gives as its mission

To bring awareness of the plight of benefit claimants & low earners to the attention of the British public and the mainstream media.

As part of this, they want people to tie coloured ribbons around tree branches to mark the victims of austerity. They state

One of the problems many of us who have been affected by the welfare cuts have is that we are not well enough to attend the protests /demonstrations & events so we’ve thought of a plan that everyone can get involved in. Here’s how it works.

This is not a single cause. This is not about a specific case and we do not intend to let it get hijacked by special interest groups. This is about the bigger picture, this is about ALL of us. The sick, The disabled, the unemployed, those on low wages, everyone who in one way or another has suffered under the infamous welfare reform bill. This is about getting the vast majority of the population who have no idea what’s going ion to start to ask the right questions and find out for themselves. This is about piquing the interest of the media and its about showing that we have solidarity among all of us. Every man jack that’s been affected in some way by the cuts and the austerity program this government has dumped upon us all.

So, if various groups want to use a certain color to identify with, fine, go for it, it really doesn’t mater as long as we flood our towns, villages and housing estates with ribbons.

They also publish news on issues of austerity, welfare cuts, and the stories of individual victims, as well as the way parliament, at the same time they are cutting welfare benefits for ordinary people, are awarding themselves even greater expenses.

It’s another excellent site trying to keep up the pressure on government to end austerity, and stop the chequebook genocide of the poor and disabled.

Go there to see the victims, and the real human cost of the Tories’ and Lib Dems welfare policies. They’re at

And don’t vote for either of these parties today. Or ever.