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Another Site of Interest: Londonfoodbank

November 30, 2013

My post on the stack of cards for the Samaritans on the desk of one of the interviewing staff at the Job Centre has been reblogged on Londonfoodbank. I’m glad they liked it and thought it was worth posting at their site. Londonfoodbank is exactly what it says on the tin. It’s about a food bank in London, and the people, who are forced to use them. Naturally, these people are given pseudonyms to protect their identity. In many cases, it seems that’s all they have left after Cameron, Osborne, IDS, McVey and the whole shabby lot of them have stripped them of their income and dignity. Among the few stories I’ve been able to look at so far are those of a woman, whose income mostly goes on paying her energy bills from NPower. This lady states that she once went without food for eleven days. Another woman was forced to raise money by selling her furniture. Others have trudged miles to them through London with their voucher to collect food. Londonfoodbank have also published a post giving their comments on the supposed recovery claimed by Osborne. In short, it isn’t visible from where they stand, and they have only seen more desperate people coming through their doors.

Londonfoodbank is at ‘’. Go to it to see the real situation of the poor and starving in this country from the people at the frontline of fending off the starvation caused by Cameron’s policies.