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‘Correct, Not Political’ Claim Teachers Now Asked to Collect Information on Pupils’ Beliefs in Conspiracy Theories

August 29, 2022

Correct, Not Political are a right-wing group who organise counter-protests and put up videos on YouTube giving their own coverage of Pride marches, Drag Queen Story Hour, anti-racist and pro-immigrant demonstrations, Extinction Rebellion and so on. Just how right-wing they are is shown by a section on their YouTube homepage devoted to ‘socialists and commies’. Having said that, watching some of their videos they do seem to be polite. Many of their videos about Pride and Drag Queen Story hour simply consist of them talking to the demonstrators, asking why they believe as they do and simply putting their own arguments. Quite often this is done simply and conversationally. I realise that with any broadcast material, including stuff from the official news organisations, you have to be careful of selective editing but they do come across much better than some of the left-wing demonstrators. Some of them come across as very aggressive, simply screaming ‘Trans Rights Are Human Rights’ and ‘Off Our Streets, Fascist Scum’, as if those are adequate replies or rebuttals. Other left-wing protests they interview are polite and personally reasonable.

They posted this piece up on their channel the other day, claiming that teachers have now entered into a contract with the government to report on whether their pupils hold one or more from a list of conspiracy theories. They are also asked how they are tackling these beliefs. This also includes whether they have been referred as radicalised.

This is the list.

They comment: Parents beware, the state have incentivised teachers to enter a contract in which they get subsidies on teaching materials in order for them to take part in surveys to collect data on your children, this is getting very scary.


I don’t know what’s going on here, as they have not said how they acquired this information, whether it was from a teacher or some other school or educational employee or official, nor how reliable this is. It could all have been cooked up as a form of disinformation designed to spread even more paranoia by someone. It’s possible that the list is correct, as the government is keen to prevent the radicalisation of young people through the Prevent programme, but it’s dubious whether this is part of it without further information.

They’re also wrong about one of the conspiracies. The Great Replacement, from what I understand, is the notion that the Jews are encouraging Black and Asian immigration to Europe to replace the White population. The idea that Muslims are going to replace us through immigration and outbreeding us is ‘Eurabia’.

I also wonder how many schoolchildren are actually interested in any of these stupid theories or have come across them on the web. It seems to me that a far greater problem is children seeing pornography or other age-inappropriate material, as well as the dangers of sexting and girls having the nude pics they sent to a boyfriend passed and put up for all to see.

Their commenters are naturally afraid of the state taking an interest and trying to control what pupils believe. I’ve got absolutely no problem with any teacher refuting any of these during lessons if they come up. But what is worrying is that some of their commenters seem to think some of them might be true. My guess, from some of the group’s content, this would be the theories about climate change and the ‘scamdemic’, in which the Covid crisis has been manufactured to take away our freedom.

Commons Speaker Puts Blustering Johnson in his Place

November 18, 2021

One of the clips going round the internet yesterday was of our shambolic, blustering excuse of a Prime Minister being very firmly put in his place by the Speaker of the House of Commons. The mad right-winger Alex Belfield has put this video of the incident up on his channel on YouTube. Belfield is a right-wing Tory himself, who despises Johnson because of the lockdown. Belfield seems to believe it’s doing more harm than good and should be lifted. I really don’t agree with that attitude as I have absolutely no doubt that it is saving lives, and would have saved even more if Johnson had imposed it earlier. But Johnson was listening to Dominic Cummings and other nutters with discredited and dangerous theories about herd immunity. However, I have absolutely no problem about playing this clip. I don’t care if it does come from Belfield, it still shows the obnoxious clown being rightly humiliated.

The video shows Starmer, for once in his wretched leadership, actually making valid points and landing a few good blows on Johnson. He was talking about the Tories’ corruption and Johnson’s awarding of contracts to firms run by his friends. This was too much for Bozo, who started blustering and accused Starmer of misconduct. At which point the Speaker intervenes and criticises him for the accusation. Johnson is either to supply evidence to support it or withdraw it. Johnson doesn’t, but continues blustering about misconduct. At which point the Speaker states that the debate is becoming too heated.

Put simply, it shows that Johnson has absolutely no answer to the accusation. None whatever. He’s as guilty as sin, and can only defend himself through false accusations of misconduct. Not that I believe Starmer would be any different if he was in power. Starmer’s a Blairite, and Blair’s government was notorious for its sleaze, with firms granted contracts and their chief executives positions in government in return for donations. Starmer already wants to sideline ordinary members in favour of corporate donations as the source of the party’s funding. So on this issue, I don’t see any real difference between the two. I like the way Johnson looks bad, but have a problem in that it also makes Starmer look far better than he is. This is a altercation which I wish both would have lost.