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Owen Smith: Coward and Bully

July 25, 2016

Mike over at Vox Political posted an excellent demolition a few days ago of Owen Smith’s claim that there is a culture of bullying in the Labour party under Jeremy Corbyn. Mike points out that many of the accounts of bullying that Smiff claims occurred, are actually false – like the accusations of anti-Semitism and racism. Among those smeared were, ludicrously, Jewish and Black Labour activists with a very proud history of activism against racism and anti-Semitism. And then there’s Angela Eagle’s lie that a brick had been thrown through her office window, when in fact it was a completely different window in the building she shares with several other offices. It’s in an area that has suffered frequent vandalism to nearby buildings and structures. The only difference this time was that Eagle thought she could make political capital out of it.

Mike points out that Smiffy is in no position to make accusations of bullying against anyone, as he himself tried to bully Mike and one of his great commenters, Liza Van Zyl. Van Zyl attended a meeting in Pontypridd in March last year at which Smudger was a guest speaker. She’s a Labour activist, and asked Smiffy why he was promising to repeal the bedroom tax, but not the Work Capability Assessment, which had actually killed many more people. Smiff replied that it was because he didn’t want the Labour party to be accused of being soft on welfare scroungers by the right-wing press.

Van Zyl posted this on Facebook, and it was taken up by a journalist – Mike. At which point Smiff decided he was going to bully her and Mike for making him look bad. He threatened Liza with legal action, and tried the same with Mike. Liza was forced to give in, as she had no money to defend herself in court, and her Labour colleagues had sided with the Pontypridd Pratt in order to maintain good relations with him.

Mike didn’t fold, because he told Smiffy that not only did he have Liza’s testimony, he also had very thorough knowledge of the WCA, as he’d forced the government to publish the figures on the deaths it had caused.

At which point, Smiffy did what most bullies do when you stand up to them: he went away.

See Mike’s article at:

This tells you everything you need to know about Owen Smith. He’s a coward. He’s keen to bully grassroots Labour members, who don’t follow his every whim, but is desperate to appear presentable to the rich and powerful, the very people that are killing those the Labour party was founded to represent: the poor and working class. It also shows the culture of mendacity that exists in New Labour. When the truth is awkward, lie. Just like Tony Blair and his vile court lied about Weapons of Mass Destruction, in order to take us to war in Iraq.

Far from Jeremy Corbyn being responsible for bullying, it’s the Blairites, led by Smith and Eagle, who have presided over a culture of bullying and intimidation. They should stop. If they cannot, I suggest that they leave and find their true home in the Tories.

Vox Political Defends Piece Attacking Labour for Allowing WCA Deaths

March 12, 2015

Earlier this week I reblogged a piece by Mike, in which he attacked the Labour party for continuing to allow disabled people to die due to the Work Capability Test. He was incensed at what Liza van Zyl, a fellow campaigner against the WCA, had been told by the Labour MP Owen Smith. Smith stated that Labour would not consider scrapping the WCA before the election, because of the fear that the right-wing press would torpedo their chances of getting elected with the charge that Labour were ‘soft on welfare’. They might, however, review the situation after the election.

Mike criticised this policy on the grounds that it was absolutely immoral and unjust for disabled people to continue to die because of the test just so that Labour could get elected. He pointed out that the party would get far more support by openly appealing to disabled people, their relatives, friends and supporters, by openly opposing the test. He also makes the point that if Labour did scrap or modify the test after the election, without any previous announcement that they would do so, they would be guilty of the same deception and mendacity as the Tories and Lib Dems, a cynical attitude that has done so much to put people off politics and politicians.

In order to encourage the party to do the right thing and scrap the test, Mike offered to write a letter to one of the right wing papers making the above arguments.

The piece was immensely controversial, garnering 92 comments. Mike says that most were supportive, but he also received some criticism. Amongst other accusations, he was told that he was working for the Tories in order to destroy Labour’s chances at the election. Mike here defends his comments, stating clearly that the purpose of the WCA is to give money to the private firms that administer it while throwing the disabled themselves off benefit. Many of these have consequently died of starvation and despair. As he says, ‘death surrounds the process’.

Mike also attacks the way Liza van Zyl has been hounded off Facebook and Twitter because of her piece reporting what she had been told by Owen Smith. Mike states that Smith’s comments could be a fudge, or he might be serious about Labour reviewing the situation after the election. Either way, it’s the kind of deception practised by the Tories and their Lib Dem lackeys, of which the public are well and truly sick.

He provides further proof just how mendacious and duplicitous this government is by repeating, once again, how the DWP is refusing to release the figures showing how many people have died due to the WCA. He then argues that there is a desperate need for Labour to scrap the wretched test, because Labour is the only party that stands any chance of getting the Tories out.

Mike’s article’s entitled Work Capability Assessment fuss shows Labour must change its ways. It begins

Yesterday’s article on Labour’s attitude to the Work Capability Assessment (WCA), used on people applying for incapacity or disability benefits, was probably the most controversial to be published by this site.

Look at the article‘s comment column and you will see the strength of support for this writer’s planned open letter. It calls for Labour to accept that the public opposes the continued use of a system that is responsible for as much death as the WCA undoubtedly is.

You will also see a few critical comments, and it is fair to say that there have been quite vicious attacks on the other social media, including Facebook and Twitter. Let’s try to address some of those.

Some claimed this writer was some kind of agent provocateur who had timed an attack on Labour to ruin its chances – a curious suggestion, considering the report was about someone else’s response to the ill-considered comments of a Labour shadow cabinet member, over which Yr Obdt Srvt could not have had any control.

Some claimed that Labour’s attitude to the WCA has already been addressed by Rachel Reeves’ promise to reform it – even though it cannot be reformed. It is beyond rehabilitation. The Work Capability Assessment serves a twofold purpose: It shovels taxpayers’ money into the hands of private, profit-making firms, and in return those firms do their best to disqualify claimants from receiving payments. If there was no intention to pervert the benefit system, governments would rely on the word of claimants’ GPs and the specialists working on their case. The responsible course of action is to get rid of it – before it kills anyone else.

It’s at Go and read it. It makes sense, which is more than the WCA ever has.

Vox Political: Labour Should Not Let Disabled People Die Just to Curry Favour with Press

March 11, 2015

This is another piece of Mike’s that needs to be reblogged. In his piece, Why are disabled people being asked to die for Labour’s election hopes, Mike reports how Liza van Zyl, a campaigner against the work capability assessment system and the deaths it has caused, was told by the Labour MP Owen Smith that Labour did not support any change to the current work capability assessment. They were afraid that it would damage Labour’s chances of getting into power by allowing them to be attacked as soft on benefits. The article begins

… Especially when it won’t improve those hopes?

Extremely disturbing news has reached Vox Political, courtesy of Liza Van Zyl on Facebook. Extremely long-term readers may recall Liza was the lady who received a visit from police who claimed she had committed a criminal act against the Department for Work and Pensions, just before midnight on October 26, 2012 – being that she had been highlighting the deaths of sick and disabled people following reassessment by Atos and the DWP for Employment and Support Allowance.

Fortunately for those who still have to undergo these assessments, she was not discouraged and has continued to fight for those who cannot stand up for themselves. However, she is currently suffering severe disenchantment with the Labour Party, as she recounts below:

“We heard from Owen Smith MP today [Saturday, March 7] (a member of the left wing of the of the Labour Party leadership) that it is important for disabled people to continue to die, lest any commitment by Labour to scrap the Work Capability Assessment generate a negative response in the press and affect Labour’s general election chances.

“He said that while he personally doesn’t like the WCA, his Labour colleagues will not support scrapping it because of fears it will play badly with the right wing press and damage Labour’s electoral chances… I’ve since been contacted by other disabled people who’ve raised the issue with their Labour MPs, and the response has been: Yes, the WCA isn’t nice but if Labour commits to scrapping it, it would appear to be ‘soft on welfare’.

“The similarities of these responses (and given that Owen Smith is a frontbench shadow sec of state and therefore presumably is up to date on party strategy) indicates that this is an agreed line or represents an actual decision. This is profoundly disturbing, given that a great many Labour MPs know in detail exactly what suffering and deaths the WCA is responsible for among their own constituents: Tom Greatrex organised a powerful meeting of Labour MPs with Chris Grayling two years ago. Dame Anne Begg is herself a disabled person, as are other MPs.

Mike asks the question when this decision was taken, and why didn’t left-wing MPs like John McConnell, Dennis Skinner and Jeremy Corbyn protest?

He also makes the good point that this policy will not benefit the Labour party, but will actually harm it. Disabled people and their friends and families also vote, and they won’t support a party that continues to let their loved ones die, all for its own cynical political advantage. The opinions of the right-wing press can be discounted. Their readers won’t vote Labour, and so there is no point courting them.

He also points out that if, as he hopes, Labour does decide to scrap the work capability assessment, then its silence on this policy in order to win the election also makes it guilty of the same misrepresentation and lies that have resulted in public distrust of politicians generally as self-interested liars.

Mike also points out that he has written to Rachel Reeves, Labour’s shadow minister for welfare, and Ed Miliband about this issue before, only to be met with stony silence. He has suggested that people should write to the very same right-wing press, of which Labour seem so afraid, to point out how their refusal to change the WCA will stop then and others like them from voting for the party. He himself is perfectly willing to draft the letter.

Mike’s article is at Go there to let him know what you think about this policy.