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Jolyon Rubinstein Hunts the Liars of UKIP

February 12, 2015

Farage Drawing

I found this little video from Jolyon Rubinstein’s The Idiot’s Guide to Politics on BBC 3 through the We’re Still Laughing at UKIP page on Facebook. Rubinstein is, as I’ve blogged already, on a personal campaign to clean up politics. He has a petition circulating on the internet to make lying to parliament illegal, and is very concerned about the lack of interest the parties have in appealing to the young. Yesterday I reblogged Tom Pride’s interview with him, as well as posting a piece of my own about some of the issues Rubinstein’s raised.

In this clip, Rubinstein takes at face value Farage’s comments about being fed up with the liars in his party. He therefore descends on UKIP head office with a lie detector, offering to administer the test to them. The questions he states that he intends to ask are ‘have you ever given a Nazi salute?’ and ‘Have you ever been to Bongo-Bongo land?’

It hardly needs to be said that the Kippers don’t exactly have a sense of humour, and throw them out. Then when they’re outside, Rubinstein and the others find out that Fuhrer Farage is inside and there’s a car waiting for him. Which goes round the block several times, and looks like its trying to run them over.

Finally, Nigel appears – trying to sneak out of the building dressed as ‘Bob the Builder’ in a hardhat and visibility jacket.

Nige the Navvie.

Can he fixed it? Definitely Not!

Here’s the link to the clip: