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Kay Burley’s Non-Interview with James Cleverly and an Empty Chair

November 9, 2019

Tory chairman James Cleverly was due to appear on Sky this week to be interviewed by Kay Burley. But he didn’t turn up. She was understandably annoyed – HIGNFY last night played a clip of her saying that she was ‘fizzing’ with anger about it. And so she carried on with the interview. Cleverly was replaced with an empty chair as Burley told viewers about the questions she wanted to ask him.

I found this short video about the incident on Christian Tonnies’ channel on YouTube. Here it is.

Burley begins by saying that she has an empty chair that was supposed to be filled by the Conservative chairman. Where is he? She replies that he’s probably 15 feet away from where she is at the moment, and that she’s been in to see him during the break. He said he wasn’t due to come on and talk to them today, although they had said that they would. She says that she wanted to ask him about things like this, like the front page of the Telegraph, ‘The tragedy of the modern Labour party and its boss’, comparing Jeremy Corbyn to Stalin persecuting the kulaks. She puts the paper down in order to show people the empty chair again.

She also wanted to ask him about the Grenfell incident and the comments by Jacob Rees-Mogg about the people in Grenfell, suggesting that he was smarter than they were, which is why they stayed in their properties. She says to the audience that they’ll remember how many people sadly died, and asks why on Earth Mogg is still a member of the Cabinet. She goes on to show the empty chair again. She also wanted to ask him about the Welsh Secretary and the calls for him to resign of a former aide. She also wanted to ask him about a row over whether the transition will be extended if we don’t have a deal by the middle of 2020. She also wanted to ask him about a different row over attempts to get officials to cost Labour policies. Another issue she wanted to ask him about was the row over the failure to publish the report into Russian interference. She also wanted to ask him if she thought the Tories were having a good day. She also wanted to ask him about his or his boss’ suggestion that Jeremy Corbyn was demonising billionaires and whether or not it was a good idea to defend billionaires at the very start of the campaign.

She goes on to say that she knows Number 10 watches the show and she also knows that the spin doctors at No. 10 had absolutely reassured her via text that when many politicians were doing the rounds in the morning they would do this programme. And yet we have an empty chair. She repeats the rhetorical question about his location, and answers it, saying his 15 feet away from her, and says that he, James Cleverly, will not come on the programme to answer all the of the allegations.

The clip ends with a message from the Labour Party saying its time for real change, and that Labour stands for the many, not the few.


It would appear from this that Cleverly is a coward, who has absolutely no answers to the questions Burley was going to ask him. But he’s not alone in this. We saw with Tweezer how very carefully stage-managed her appearances were. They were all here done before selected audiences from which the public were excluded, crafted to make it seem the opposite. The Tories can’t stand probing interviews, and the moment someone asks them a question they can’t answer without lies and spin, they go to pieces and start ranting about how unfair it all is.

Of course Cleverly has not answer to Burley’s questions, just as his party has no answer to the poverty and misery they’ve inflicted on working people. Because they’re responsible for it.

Get them out, and a party in that does have real solutions: Labour.

Cameron’s Silent Puce Fury: Private Eye Reviews the Party Leaders’ Interviews

April 1, 2015

This fortnight’s edition of Private Eye contains a review of the TV interviews given by Ed Miliband and David Cameron on Channel 4, and the drama-documentary, Coalition, on the same channel. The reviews are generally, and with considerable reservations, positive. It also makes some extremely acute comments on Cameron’s poor performance during his interviews with Paxo and Sky TV’s Kay Burley.

The review states that this was surprising, given the apparent pro-Tory bias of both these interviewers. Paxo has described himself as ‘one-nation Tory’, while Burley’s conduct moderating the public sections of the programme served to confirm the suspicions that she too is a Tory. It describes her demeanour towards Cameron as sycophantic. She called him ‘Prime Minister’ before and after every question, and did not pose difficult follow-ups to the questions asked.

Her conduct towards Miliband was tougher. She followed up a question from the audience with one of her own, and then patronisingly referred to Miliband’s ‘poor mum’. Private Eye said of this that she was so imbalanced ‘she must be at risk of having breached the Ofcom code of impartiality.’ The magazine said that Paxo wouldn’t be censured, as he gave both interviewees the full range of his expressions ‘the snorting horse, the bishop sitting on a cactus, the bored old whore giving a blowjob to a bloke with BO, the headmaster with a cane in his hands’.

It stated that Cameron should have been able to survive the barrage through his own cockiness and experience, but didn’t, due to his own considerable hauteur when someone dares to contradict him. It said

‘Dave’s biggest temperamental weakness – a sense of entitlement that leads him to react to criticism as if his fag has cheeked him back – resulted in silent puce fury or drawling incoherence when Paxo caught him on food banks, zero hours contracts and government borrowing.’

The article then goes on to say that although Miliband had one cringingly bad soundbite, ‘generally he stood up to the old bruiser well enough’. Presumably that was when Miliband told Paxo that he was important, but not that important.

The Eye’s opinion was that Cameron came out of the interviews and drama-documentary so badly, that he’ll probably want to amend government policy not just to privatise Channel 4m but to close it down completely.