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Vox Political on the Michael Gove and the Manifest Unsuitability of the Tory Candidates

July 2, 2016

Mike over at Vox Political has posted an article on the glaring faults of the candidates in the current Tory leadership contest. They are all strikingly, obviously unsuitable to be prime minister. After giving brief, sentence-long explanations why they are unsuitable, like Theresa May wanting to spy on everyone, and encouraging immigrants to hand themselves in to be deported; or Stephen Crabb believing that gayness can be cured, and people with Parkinson’s will get better, he goes on to describe the massive incompetence of Michael Gove. The government’s accounts were published belatedly because of his massive incompetence when he was at the Ministry for Education. Gove could not account for £33 billion of government money under his direction. This is equivalent to half the department’s budget, or three years of contributions to the EU.

Go to his article at:

Apart from further information, it also has a piccie of Judge Death announcing his candidature in the Tory leadership contest. Well, he’s as qualified as they are, and is probably better-looking.

‘The Crime issss life. The sentensssssssse issss death’. A winning motto for the new government.

Judge Dread: Judging the Dark Tories

October 12, 2015

Mike and his commenters over on Vox Political have this piece, noting the similarity between the Tories’ stance, physical, political and moral, and those of the Dark Judges, the archenemies of the ultimate lawman, Judge Dredd, from the Galaxy’s Greatest Comic, 2000 AD.

It also struck me too, several months ago, that there was a certain similarity in attitude between Ian Duncan Smith, the minister for chequebook genocide, and the leader of the Dark Judges, Judge Death. So I drew cartoon the below.

IDS Judge Death

If you can’t read it, Judge Ian Duncan Death is saying, ‘The crime isss poverty. The sentenssse isss death’. And the caption reads ‘The Tories. You cannot kill what does not live’.

With all due respect Dredd and the art and script robots, who created and drew him.

I think this is fair comment. After all, poverty is the only crime the Tories seem really to care about, and their policy does seem to consist in criminalising, punishing and killing those guilty of it.