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Kipper Councillor Says Bristol Elected Mayor ‘Looks Like Scruffy Little Asylum Seeker’

May 4, 2015

I found this story in today’s Bristol Post , ‘UKIP councillor claims George Ferguson looks like a ‘scruffy little asylum seeker’ through the Hope Not Hate site. Michael Frost, who became UKIP’s first ever councillor in Bristol, representing Hengrove, made the remark when speaking on community radio. He was on BCfm radio’s Politics Show.

He apparently said that “I think the way he presents himself, to dignitaries and places that he has to go and people he has to see, he looks like a scruffy little asylum seeker, who’s got dressed in a pound shop. I’m appalled by his appearance.”

Ferguson himself laughed off the remark, but observed that it was insulting to asylum seekers. He also said that Frost should ask himself, if foreign heads of state really thought he was that scruffy, why he got such good feedback.

Tim Malnick, a Green councillor, who was on the show with Frost, was also offended by the comment. He said he was sorry, but the metaphor of an asylum seeker as scruffy was ‘stereotypical’.

Frost apparently has responded in turn, by describing Malnick as ‘looking like an asylum seeker’.

The story can be read at:

Frost, according to the article, is also a candidate in the parliamentary elections for UKIP for north-west Bristol. Let’s hope the people there have the good sense not to elect him. He sounds utterly crass and charmless. He makes a comment he should realise would be inflammatory and seen as racist, and when he’s criticised for it, he makes the insult again.

As it stands, a lot of people in Bristol do think Ferguson is scruffy. Ferguson strides about in red trousers, including for funerals, when he adopts a ‘dark claret’ pair. Many of the people I know, especially the older generation, feel that this especially shows a lack of respect, and Ferguson should wear a more conservative colour.

The elected mayor is also far from my favourite local politician. He’s a former Lib Dem, who suddenly decided he was an independent, when it came to standing in the elections for mayor. He seems to be a supporter of all the neo-liberal twaddle about cuts, and last Christmas pushed through £90m of them. He denied that they would have much of an impact, however, and told Bristolians that we ‘shouldn’t be afraid of them.’

However I or anybody feel about Ferguson and his wardrobe, Frost was wrong to compare him to an asylum seeker. It shows the contempt for immigrants and the global poor characteristic of the Kippers. And it also shows the party’s contempt for their opponent’s views and general insensitivity when Frost repeated the insult about the Green councillor. It both shows that Frost doesn’t think he’s said anything wrong, and that he just doesn’t care if he has and has no reservations whatsoever about showing his contempt for those who do.

The ward he represents, Hengrove, is just down the road from me. It’s like Stockwood, the other area of south Bristol that John Langley, the porn star, hopes to win for the Kippers. Both areas are normal suburbs. Their populations are mostly White, but there are some Black and Asian people there.

I raised the issue of the large numbers of people voting for the Kippers in Hengrove, when Mike and I met the local Labour candidates for my part of Bristol. I was worried, as this has never been an area, which showed much support for the NF or other goons from the Fascist right. She said that from her experience of talking to people on doorsteps, the driving motivation for them voting for the kippers was job insecurity.

Presumably, the people there have, or had, bought into all that nonsense UKIP had spouted about not being like ‘LibLabCon’, and having some alternative economic views. This has led a lot of their prospective supporters to imagine that they were somehow a centrist party. I’ve even reblogged material from the Angry Yorkshireman, that showed that most of their members were almost as left-wing as Labour regarding nationalisation and state intervention.

Except that the party isn’t. It’s been described as ‘the Tories on steroids’. They are even more committed to deregulation and privatisation, including the NHS, as the Tories. They are also very firmly in favour of destroying the remaining shreds of the welfare state and basic workers’ rights like sick pay, paid maternity leave and paid holidays.

As for international relations, while they object to immigration and the EU, they have no objection to international agreements like the TTIP, which would be used to lock in the privatisation of the NHS, and allow big business to sue national governments if they pass legislation harming their profits.

Like Veolia did a few years ago when they used a similar trade agreement to sue the Egyptian government, when it raised the minimum wage for its people.

The Kippers don’t represent the workers, and they don’t represent the small businesspeople, who would lose trade if we were taken out of European Union. Any trade we did then, would have to go through the tariff barriers intended to stop the EU being flooded with cheaper produce from elsewhere in the world. Which would then also mean us.

No, the Kippers stand solely for big business, as well as racial bigotry, Islamophobia, anti-feminism and a bitter hatred of gays. And the people of Bristol are very well aware of it. I was talking to one of my uncles today about the election, and he described Farage as ‘that Britain for the Whites guy.’

Exactly. And Michael Frost’s comments bear out this image of racial hatred and intolerance. Bristol is a large, multicultural city, and hopefully the Kippers and their intolerance will not find much support on Thursday. Frost’s comments show you why they, and not asylum seekers, should be kept out.

Morning Star Reports UKIP Porn Star Reported to Policy for ‘Incitement to Prostitution’

April 11, 2015

Back on Thursday I wrote about two reports in the Bristol Post and the Mirror about John Langley, the Kipper candidate for Stockwood ward in Bristol. Langley had been outed as a porn star, who had been threatened with legal action by the University of the West of England last year for filming one of his grubby epics there.

Now the Morning Star reports in their piece Ukip Candidate Accused of ‘Incitement to Prostitution’ that the Feminist charity, Object, has contacted the police about his attempts to persuade volunteers to perform as extras in group sex scenes in his movies last year. They consider this to be ‘incitement to prostitution’, which is illegal.

The article begins

Feminist activists made a police complaint against pornographer and Ukip council candidate John Langley yesterday after he advertised pay-to-perform “gang bangs” online.

Anti-sexist charity Object reported Mr Langley to Bristol police after the candidate allegedly broke the law by “inciting prostitution for gain.”

Mr Langley, known in the industry as “Johnny Rockard,” runs a porn actors’ agency.

He was “happy to confirm” that he had been working in porn for over 40 years when he was outed by the press on Thursday.

But Object chief executive Roz Hardie said: “We have become aware of the practices of ‘Johnny Rockard’ over recent months.

“He appears to be treading a thin line between making pornographic films and profiting from the unlawful sale of sexual services.”

The article can be read at:

Hat tip to the SlatUKIP site for posting this.

I don’t think Object will be successful in getting a conviction, as despite Langley’s advert coming very close to the crime, it’s still about appearing in a movie, rather than prostitution per se. They are still right to make the complaint, however.

The girls in Langley’s films are teenagers, which should worry anyone concerned about the exploitation of the young and naïve. The University of the West of England were absolutely right to threaten him with legal action when he shot his movie there. It showed him asking the female students for sex, until he finally found ‘Xzena’, who was willing to perform with him.

This is particularly dangerous as the burden of tuition fees has forced many students to turn to the sex industry, including prostitution, to pay them off.

Langley stated in the newspaper interviews that UKIP appeared entirely comfortable with his choice of career. Well, this says much about the Kippers in Bristol, and none of it admirable or complimentary. The Kippers managed to get into the news before, as they were caught liking various neo-Nazi groups on Facebook. They then got very irate and complained when one of the local schools in Bristol linked them with the Nazis and other race hate organisations in a lesson about racism.

It also shows how desperate the Kippers in Bristol must be, if they don’t have any other candidates to stand in the Stockwood ward apart from a porn baron. They’re really scraping the bottom of the barrel this time.

UKIP Vice Chairman Bristol Is Pornstar

April 9, 2015

More weirdness and sleaze from the Kippers in Bristol. Their vice chairman, John Langley, is in the Mirror and the local paper, the Bristol Post. It seems that the ‘vice’ section of his job title is particularly appropriate. He’s a porn star, plying his sordid trade under the monicker ‘Johnny Rockard’, and has been running his own company making porn films for eight years. Last January he stood for the local elections in Brislington East, where he came second with 886 votes. He is now standing as their candidate for Stockwood in the local elections there, hoping to unseat the Tories Jay Jethwa.

One of Bristol’s two universities, the University of the West of England, threatened him with legal action last January after he made a 23 minute dirty movie on campus. This featured him walking around the university asking female students for sex, until one of them, ‘Xzena’, agreed.

The mind boggles at the thought of this porn baron trying to represent the good people of Stockwood. It’s a quiet, residential suburb in the south of Bristol, just across the Wells Road from my little bit of Bristol. I’m not trying to make the people out to be paragons of virtue, but as areas go, it’s hardly Babylon.

Langley claims that the Kippers haven’t mentioned or objected to his line of work. This suggests to me not so much that the party is entirely comfortable with a porn baron in their midst, but that they’re desperate. After all, if you’re a party trying to present yourselves as a reasonable, creditable choice as democratic representatives, you tend to choose respectable candidates. People’s, whose integrity appears genuine and who can be trusted. This tends to rule out automatically the grubby denizens of the sex industry.

It looks to me that Langley has been selected simply because the Kippers in Bristol don’t have anyone else more suitable.

Not that this is necessarily an either/or issue. It could also be that the party is also full of raging perverts, like the numerous paedophiles in the BNP and other parties of the far right. At least of those on the blatant Nazi fringe owns a sex shop in London selling the date rape drug, Rohypnol.

There is far more serious side to this, however, beyond being astonished at how weird and sordid the Kippers are. Langley’s antics at UWE are seedy and pernicious. There has been a rise in the number of students working in the sex industry, from stripping to prostitution, in order to pay tuition fees.

The University was quite right to be outraged at Langley shooting his grubby little epic on campus, and the danger he presented of drawing girls and women into the sordid and exploitative world of the sex industry.

I found this meme against him on the SlatUKIP site. I’ve got a feeling it comes from EDL News. The image is taken from one of the newspaper article’s on him, and does show something of the grim content of his videos.

UKIP Porn Star

More Racism by Bristol’s Kippers

February 19, 2015

Bristol’s UKIP branch got in the news recently when they complained about a school that had included them, along with Far Right groups like the National Front, the BNP and the Nazi party, in lessons about racism. They complained that they weren’t racist like the other groups. It was all a mistake and vile slander, based on the fact that they followed the Facebook pages of the BNP and EDL, and ‘liked’ some of their content.

Now they’re back in the electronic pages of Hope Not Hate with a joke put up by their Vice-Chairman, John Langley. This is about an illegal Muslim immigrant explaining to her child that democracy is the British taxpayer providing them with all their welfare benefits, and racism is when British taxpayers complain about it.

The article’s simply called Bristol UKIP Post Racist Rubbish, and it’s at: And remember – this lot really don’t think their racist, even if they do like and follow the EDL and BNP.