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Farage: The Text-Book Islamaphobe

January 22, 2015

Farage Drawing

Last week Nigel Farage was criticised again for his comments about Muslims following the massacre of the Charlie Hebdo staff in Paris and the attack on a Jewish supermarket. The Fuehrer of the party for the arch reactionaries and xenophobes, had said that while he recognised that the extremists were only a minority of Muslims, nevertheless there was a problem within the Islamic community that had allowed them to arise. Critics claimed that Farage had accused British Muslims of forming a fifth column within Britain itself.

This is actually text-book right-wing Islamaphobia. Literally. One of the anti-racist sites I was reading a little while ago stated that right-wing politicians and xenophobic groups had accused Muslims of forming a ‘fifth column’ in Britain promoting terrorism.

Which is precisely what the Kipper Duce had done.

There is absolutely no hiding it. Farage corresponds precisely to the text-book descriptions of populist, racist politicos and the threat they pose to society and specifically members of the religious or ethnic communities they criticise and attack. The affable man of the people image is just that – an image. It’s as false as that of Hitler as Herr Average German during the War, who stood for folksy, peasant German values. Farage is a menace, and its now so obvious it’s undeniable. He should be treated as such.