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Vox Political on Cameron’s Self-Admitted Culpability for Benefit Deaths

April 20, 2015

Mike over at Vox Political has posted this provocative piece, Did David Cameron admit multiple murders to Andrew Marr? commenting on an interchange between Marr and the Prime Minister yesterday on Marr’s Sunday morning show. Marr asked Cameron about the hardship the coalition’s welfare reforms had inflicted. He asked him if he was aware how they had hurt an awful lot of people.

When faced with that question, Cameron did the usual Tory trick of lying. He claimed that the system had helped more people find work. It hasn’t, as Mike himself has previously explained, along with a number of other left-wing bloggers, including Mr Void, who has just today put up a piece putting the boot into that little falsehood.

Cameron then went on to claim that the rise in food bank use was due to their greater publicity. Well, anything, anything rather than admit that their reforms had actually caused poverty. Again, a lie. Only three per cent of the rise in the number of people going to food banks is due to people being more aware of them.

Marr then asked Cameron about particular cases, such as that of James Clapson, an ex-soldier who died of starvation after being sanctioned, and another man, who had severe learning difficulties and who needed help filling in and simply signing the form.

Cameron again, hummed and ha-ed, claiming that these cases were covered by hardship funds. Marr reminded him this wasn’t the case. Besides, as Mike, Johnny Void and others have mentioned on their blogs, this foul government is trying to shut the hardship funds down.

Then Cameron began to try to justify the sanctions system, and the burdens and demands it places on people, and that it was quite right that they should suffer penalties if they didn’t comply.

Here’s the piece from Mike’s blog, containing a transcript of the interview and Mike’s comment. As Mike points out, it shows that Cameron is, by his own definition, therefore guilty of corporate murder. He knows the lethal consequences of the sanctions’ system, and doesn’t care.

DC: I look at all of those individual cases and all of those cases can be addressed by the hardship funds and by the flexibilities that are there in the system. But we have sanctions for a reason; people watching this programme…

AM: You don’t get the hardship fund for two weeks.

So there you have it. David Clapson was sanctioned off-benefit for no very good reason (as is typical in the Conservative-run system). David Cameron thinks that is okay. He was unable to receive hardship funds for two weeks. David Cameron thinks that is okay.

He died. Because David Cameron thinks the sanctions and the rules for hardship funds are okay, he therefore must be perfectly comfortable with David Clapson’s death.

Cameron is deliberately killing the poor, in order to cut welfare expenditure and appease the rich. He has absolutely no qualms or conscience about this, only a self-serving desire not to get caught.

He is despicable. Vote him out.

Mike’s article is at Go and read it for a full transcript of the interview sent in by one of Mike’s community of readers, and Mike’s own insights into what this reveals about the man leading the country.