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Vox Political: All Party Group Demand that Britain Immediately Cease Arms to Saudi Arabia

February 3, 2016

Mike over at Vox Political has this report from the Guardian, that an all-party group of MPs has asked the government to stop arms sales to Saudi Arabia, and set up an independent inquiry into allegations of war crimes and rights of humanitarian laws by the Saudis in Yemen:

Mike begins his comment on the story with this statement:

It is beyond credibility that the Conservative Government can claim to have taken no part in breaches of humanitarian law by Saudi Arabia in its war with Yemen, while increasing grants for arms sales to Saudi Arabia from £9 million to £1 billion over two three-month periods.

Mike’s entirely right. During the 1990s Private Eye ran a series of pieces about how Britain was supplying arms and military expertise to the dictators in Indonesia. This was a regime responsible for a massive crimes against humanity and genocide when it overthrew the previous left-wing regime, and began a harsh crackdown against Communists. It was the same regime that invaded East Timor. During its rule of the province, 1/3 of the people were killed. America certainly is supplying the Saudis with expertise, particularly in drone operations, where they’re supplying information on the location of targets for the Saudi drone operators. This information is frequently wildly inaccurate, and the majority of people killed so far have been civilians. I don’t doubt for a single minute that, due to the close relationship between Britain and Saudi Arabia regarding arms sales, this country is also supplying and advising the Saudis on where and whom to strike.

Lobster in the 1980s also ran a series of articles on the various South American Fascist dictators and death squad leaders, who turned up in Britain to attend lunches with the Tory party. Thatcher’s friendship with General Pinochet was only one of the most notorious of these friendships. The Tories haven’t shown themselves to have many qualms about collaborating with dictators, torturers and mass murderers, and so I don’t doubt that under Cameron and his crew, Britain is implicated to a very great extent in massacres and human rights violations by the Saudi forces in Yemen.