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Private Eye on the Fall in House Building under Grant Shapps

April 22, 2015

Last week’s Private Eye also report the massive fall in the number of houses built under the Conservatives. This was going to be particularly embarrassing for them. They confidently predicted that both Labour and the Tories would now promise a huge increase in house building, while accusing the other of having the poorer record on the number of homes actually built.

This was going to be particularly embarrassing for the Tories and Grant Shapps. Six months after the 2010 election, Shapps, or ‘Michael Green’, as he is known to some of his business clients, had been asked at a meeting of the local government committee ‘Do we take it that success for this government, when you are eventually judged on your record, will be building more homes per year than were being built prior to the recession, and that failure will be building less?’

Shapps answered in the alternative. “Yes. Building more homes is the gold standard upon which we shall be judged. The idea is to get a system which delivers housing in this country.”

The number of houses completed in 2007 before the recession, according to the Eye, was 177,000. The number of homes built in 2010 was just 107,000. In the last twelve months the number of houses that have been built is just 119,000.

Britain now has the lowest rate of house building since the 19th century. And it’s fallen dramatically under the Tories, despite Shapps stating it was to become their ‘Gold Standard’.

And with the numbers of homeless rising to horrendous levels, Shapps can’t even claim to have ‘delivered’ homes to people either. Not when 90,000 families are homeless, including 40,000 children, as reported by Private Eye in this blog, and Mr Void, and so many other bloggers.

Those few homes the Tories are building aren’t aimed at the hoi polloi, but the ‘buy to let’ market and the rich. They have no interest in tackling homelessness or supplying genuinely affordable housing. It’s why they should be resoundly turfed out of No. 10 in May.