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Danielle La Verite on George Osborne

March 2, 2015

In this video, Danielle La Verite asks some real posers about the chancellor. She points out what so many other people have noticed, that his real name’s Gideon Oliver, and he’s a baron. He also can’t do maths. This was very obviously when a child asked him what 7 x 8 was, and he ducked the questioned. He does indeed have a good degree, but it’s in history, not economics. So she asks the further question about how it is that this incompetent now occupies the position of chancellor. Is it because he’s a member of the Bilderberg group, and is great mates with Nathan Rothschild? She also talks about how he was also caught fiddling his expenses for the trivial amount of £47, how he flipped his house to make savings on the mortgage at the taxpayers expense. She also raises the issue of his connection to the dominatrix, Miss Whiplash, and asks what he’s done to get her to remain silent. And she fiercely criticises him for the extreme poverty he’s inflicted on Britain’s working classes. At one point she asks if he called one of his children ‘Liberty’ as a joke, because pretty soon that girl would be the only one in Britain with any freedom.

Caution: As I said before, La Verite’s language is extremely strong, so please be advised.