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The Young Turks: New Poll Shows Muslims in Muslim Countries Hate ISIS

November 29, 2015

This is another great video from the Young Turks, which should be viewed by anyone, who feels they might be taken in by some of the hate now being directed towards perfectly decent Muslims – the majority – after the Paris terror attacks. By which I mean Sun readers, for example.

A Pew poll surveyed popular opinion in 11 Muslim majority countries. This shows that Muslims in most of those countries overwhelmingly despise ISIS. There are wide variations, however. In Lebanon, for example, the whole of the country hates Daesh, while in Pakistan, only 26 hate them, with 62 per cent in favour. The organisation states that those countries were there is little hatred of ISIS, tend to be furthest away from them, and have their own polarising issues over Islamic militancy. As the Turks point out, these countries have not suffered the ravages that other nations have from ISIS’ hands.

One of the panel, Jimmy Dore, states that this refutes a statistic Richard Dawkins was quoting about 25 per cent of Muslims supporting ISIS. Dawkins has gone from being science writer, eager to promote a view of evolution with a very heavy emphasis on Darwin, to atheist polemicist and now to a bitterly anti-Islamic writer and broadcaster. The statistics he touted seems to be that produced by the Sun. Mike attacked it in Vox Political when it came out in the week for the inaccuracies and ambiguities in it, and others have done the same. It’s also become one of the most complained about, if not the most complained about piece in the Sun.

The Turks also state that the Syrian refugees now let into America aren’t terrorists. They don’t have a fundamentalist view of the religion, and are trying to get away from ISIS. Another member of the panel, Francesca Fiorentini, states that there should be a celebration of ordinary neighbourhood Muslims to show that we are all together around the world opposed to ISIS and its terror.