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Private Eye on the Numbers Who Won’t Be Able to Claim Universal Credit

April 1, 2015

Private Eye also has a piece in their ‘In the Back’ column criticising IDS’ flagship Universal Credit. It reports that the Minister for Chequebook Genocide has announced that people on UC have been found to be five per cent more likely to find work within four months.

The Eye states that the people lucky enough to qualify for the benefit comprise less than one per cent of the seven million, who will be subject to the new benefit. The article also notes that it’s only been implemented in a small number of areas and given to people with straightforward needs and uncomplicated claims. The Eye also states that what was not mentioned, when IDS announced it would be rolled out across England, Wales and Scotland by 2016 was how few would qualify for the benefit.

There are 23 qualifying criteria itemised in a ‘knock-out’ list given to job centres in the North West. According to this, you won’t get UC if you are any of the following:

*A person earning more than £80 a week/ £300 a month.

* People, who own their own homes.

* The homeless, or people living in temporary accommodation.

* Pregnant women.

* People with disabled, adopted or foster children.

* Those caring for others with a health condition or disability.

* Those who either themselves or their partner, are already claiming the benefits that UC is designed to replace have also been told they ‘cannot make a claim yet’.

Some of the other criteria vary from place to place, with some only giving the new benefit to single people.

The Eye then quotes one welfare adviser on the scheme. They said

‘The roll-out is a complete sham. Most of our clients, who we would expect to claim Universal Credit, cannot do so at present because of the ‘knock-out’ criteria, serious disadvantaging people who face in-work poverty’.

The lady gave as examples two cases of single people, who worked part-time. They would have been better off by about £40 a week – an increase of 50 per cent – if they were able to claim Universal Credit to top up their incomes.

The article makes clear that Universal Credit is a farce. It’s not designed to support the poor, sick, disabled and unemployed, but to deny them that support under the guise that it’s really encouraging them to find a job. Mike’s already estimated that about 50,000 plus people are dying a year thanks to IDS wretched sanctions system. If UC gets rolled out next year, the number dying will be much, much higher. Not that the public’ll know, as the stats will be doctored and the deaths unreported. All so IDS can live in his fantasy of claiming he’s got the poor into work, while satisfying his lust for blood.