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The Young Turks on Dick Cheney as the Incarnation of Eisenhower’s Fears

March 12, 2015

I’ve reposted quite a few videos from The Young Turks recently. This week I put up several of theirs, including today, about the Repugs trying to sabotage Obama’s efforts to negotiate a peaceful settlement to the nuclear tension with Iran. While these videos are very much about America, they’re also extremely relevant to what’s happening over this side of the Pond. The Tories over here are saturated with extreme Republican, free-market ideology, as were Blairite New Labour. We joined America, along with a coalition of other nations, in the massively unjust invasion of Iraq. And like America, our countries are faced with the continuing problem of providing military support to Iraq and containing ISIS, while suffering from the threat of Islamist terrorism on the domestic front.

These wars have not been started to create a stable world where the Iraqi people could live in peace and freedom without the shadow of a dictator. They were launched to grab the country’s oil reserves, their state industries, and even the biological heritage of that nation in the form of the ancient varieties of crops that have been grown in that part of the Fertile Crescent since the Neolithic Revolution in 4,000 BC.

And the same people, who demanded we go to war to enrich the multinationals are the same people who are demanding that the American people sacrifice any kind of reasoned, peaceful settlement with Iran.

One of these is Dick Cheney, Bush’s grotesque vice-president. In this video from June last year, the Turks’ anchor, Cenk Uyghur, shows you why Cheney is the absolute embodiment of President Eisenhower’s warnings about the military-industrial complex. Cheney made a speech stating that America should concentrate on defence, not on building roads or feeding the poor.

Uyghur quotes Eisenhower, a Republican president, on how expensive this policy is in terms of health, education, roads, and other parts of the domestic economy that contribute to a truly prosperous and civilised nation. Even in basic foodstuffs, like wheat. Eisenhower stated clearly and eloquently that war and defence spending was bought with the sweat of the workers and the brains of scientists. Here’s the video:

Eisenhower was, of course, the president, who saw American through the Second World War. His warning about the military-industrial complex is another salvo in support of the maxim that the people, who are least likely to start a war are the people, who’ve actually been through one.

And Cheney? Cheney is a chickenhawk. He has said that he had his enrolment in the Vietnam War deferred 7 or 8 times ‘because he had better things to do’. So did a lot of patriotic Americans, who fought and died for their country anyway.

Bush, Cheney, Bliar and the rest of them were frauds, who led our nations into a devastating war. We should listen to Eisenhower instead.