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Vox Political: Syriza Will Attempt to Block TTIP Deal

February 2, 2015

Mike over at Vox Political has a piece about the Syriza government in Greece making it very clear that they object to and will not sign the TTIP. The deputy minister for administrative reform and former MEP, Georgios Katrougkalos, told the EurActiv site shortly before the Greek elections last month that the Syriza government would do everything it could do destroy the treaty, at least in its present form.

Mike’s article is at The article contains a link to the original story on EurActiv.

This is welcome news for just about everyone on the European left, worried that this will leave multinational corporations free to sue national governments for legislation that may harm their domestic industries. This is particularly worrying in Britain as it will cement in the Coalition’s privatisation of the NHS.

I blogged earlier about how nasty the TTIP was likely to be in a piece about the British waste company, Veolia, which is now suing the Egyptian government. The company is using another, similar piece of legislation prosecute them for raising the minimum wage for Egyptian workers. If the TTIP go through, it won’t be long before we see similar legal actions here.

With their firm rejection of austerity, neo-liberalism and the TTIP, I wonder how long it will be before there’s a covert attempt to unseat them and replace them with someone much more pliable.