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Another Cameron Aide on Child Abuse Charges

January 18, 2015

Mike over at Vox Political reports that another of David Cameron’s aides, Douglas Richard, has been arrested on the charge of raping a 13 year old girl, a charge he strenuously denies. This follows the arrest last year of Patrick Rock for possession of indecent images of children. Rock also denies the charges, and is currently on bail until February 27th. The article’s entitled ‘History repeats itself: ANOTHER Cameron advisor arrested over child sex’, and is at

Both these men are, under British law, innocent until proven guilty. Nevertheless it does appear that there is a deeply unpleasant culture of sexual exploitation and assault at Westminster. Quite apart from the continuing paedophile abuse investigations, which have seen a dossier of 22 MPs passed on to the police, some of whom may have murdered two boys, one Asian, the other White, and a Lambeth council worker, simply for knowing too much about their vile activities, there seems to be a culture of sexual harassment of staff within Westminster itself. Remember the Tory MP, who was arrested last year or so on the charge of raping another man? He was acquitted, yet nevertheless the testimony at the trial showed he persistently groped his male staff. He did, however, have the good grace to back off if his overture proved unwelcome. Have I Got News For You also reported the findings that something like the majority of MPs’ staff at Westminster, mostly male researchers, had also been groped.

As I understand it, this is sexual assault or harassment. Feminists have spent long decades campaigning against the sexual harassment of women in the workplace. This was at one time quite routine, but attitudes have since changed so that it is now much less acceptable. These MPs, however, apparently believe that such assaults against men are perfectly acceptable.

These are powerful men, and no doubt little action is taken against them because of their position as their staff’s employer. Also, their researchers are dedicated to assisting the MP they serve and the wider party. Personal and political loyalty may thus lead many to keep silent and not make a fuss.

It is clear that those MPs, who commit these assaults, feel they have an absolute entitlement to do so. And this sense of entitlement clearly has led others to go much further, into abusing and possibly killing children.

This has to stop now. The MPs guilty of paedophile abuse should be charged and, if found guilty, jailed. And the wider culture of sexual abuse and exploitation amongst MPs should be curtailed and stamped on.