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Title for Big Finish Audio Adaptation of Space: 1999

November 10, 2021

More fun for Space: 1999 fans. Yesterday I put up a video from doctormab’s YouTube channel of his reworking of the Space: 1999 titles to create Space: 2099. After that, I discovered these short little video by Big Finish. Big Finish specialise in audio versions of classic British SF TV series. Most of these are Doctor Who, featuring many of the surviving cast. They’ve also done Sapphire and Steel, with David Warner playing Steel, and I think they may have also done a couple of Blake’s 7 plays. This video seems to be for their reimagining of Space:1999’s pilot episode, ‘Breakaway’. It stars Mark Bonnar, Maria Teresa Creasy, Clive Hayward, Glen McCready, Jules de Jongh, Amaka Okafor, Susan Hingley and Timothy Bentinck, and written by Nicholas Briggs. Briggs has appeared in Dr. Who several times as the voice of the Daleks as well as in a series of DVDS in which he interviews the actors in Dr Who and Blake’s 7, including those who had the job of climbing into the monster costumes. The reworked titles for the play follow the format of the original, but have obviously been reworked to include the new actors and brought up to date by CGI special effects. Now I haven’t heard the play itself, but Briggs is such an enthusiast himself for classic British SF like Dr. Who that I expect it’s probably very good. And looking at the redone titles, I wish once again that somebody was doing this for a TV series rather than an audio play on CD. Perhaps with the current trend for reviving or making sequels to previous SF and Fantasy epics someone might actually do one of Space: 1999. After all, there’s now a CGI version of on of Gerry Anderson’s other creations, the fondly remembered Thunderbirds.

Fan Updated Version of Space: 1999 Titles

November 9, 2021

Sorry I’ve been a bit quiet over the past couple of days. I had the Covid booster jab on Saturday and it combined with some of the side-effects of the myeloma treatment to make me feel very fluey, weak and ill. Several people I know have felt very fluey and weak afterwards, though it clears up after a couple of days or so. It’s unpleasant, but definitely something to be endured and I definitely don’t want anyone to be put up from having the booster shots. Because however unpleasant a few days of fluey symptoms are, it’s much better than contracting Covid. So if you’re offered the jab, definitely don’t let anyone put you off it. We’re still fighting a killer disease, no matter what some of the right-wing naysayers are trying to tell the world.

Back to more pleasant things. I found this fan-made video on doctormab’s YouTube channel. It’s his updating of the title sequence to the classic ’70s SF series, Space: 1999. Only he’s retitled it Space: 2099, for the obvious reason that the last year of the 20th century has come and gone. It retains the structure of the original titles, but has them redone using some of the camera angles and staging which are now used in film and television. It also replaces the original actors with more contemporary thesps. I never really got into Space: 1999, but it’s still one of the great piece of British SF television that still commands a cult following. I think doctormab’s done really well, and after watching it ended up wishing that someone really was remaking the series like it. Here’s the video.