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Huffington Post’s Meme on Cameron’s ‘One Nation’ Toryism

February 22, 2016

Cameron has been loudly proclaiming that he’s a ‘One Nation’ Tory. This was the group formed in the Conservatives in the 1950s to support the welfare state created by the Labour party following the Beveridge Report. Mike over at Vox Political reblogged this little meme from the Huffington Post, showing just how much Cameron has supported the welfare state in fact.


From this long catalogue of cuts and privatisation, it’s clear that the last thing Cameron is, is a true ‘One Nation’ Tory. If even that rare beast exists any longer. David Willetts wrote a defence of the welfare state in his book, but you can be forgiven for wondering how far he believed in it, considering he was a member of Maggie’s cabinet.

Cameron’s actions belie his rhetoric. Don’t be taken in by his lies.