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Vox Political on Tory Breach of Electoral Law to Get Jenrick a Seat

February 14, 2016

I’ve reblogged already a piece by Mike on Tory gerrymandering and their proposal to cut the number of MPs so they can get about 20 more for themselves. This is another story that shows the absolute contempt the Tories have for electoral regulations when it comes to themselves. Last Tuesday, Mike put up this story from Channel 4 news, about how the Tories went over the £100,000 spending limit for bye-elections in order to get Robert Jenrick elected as MP for Newark.
From his previous record of standing in elections, it seems the Tories are desperate to get him elected somewhere. There’s a graphic up there showing some of the other places where he’s tried his luck, like Southwell, Vincent Square in London, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Croydon, Shropshire and Herefordshire. All of whom seem have said, ‘No’, forcing him to go on his way. This should, at least, make some of his constituents wonder if his sympathies might be a trifle mercenary. At the very least, when he says he’s proud to be a member of Newark’s community, he’s said it something like five times before, all no doubt with the same level of sincerity.

And given the increasing nepotism in British politics, you’re left wondering who he’s related to, or with whom he’s having an affair. Clearly someone decided that they wanted him in parliament, despite his dismal record of not getting elected, campaign after campaign. So who’s he connected to, and what backs are he scratching.

And now for a bit of Godwin’s Law. Yes, I’m going to compare the Tories to Fascists once again. But they deserve it, and the parallels are there. One of the great myths about European Fascism is that they took power through their sheer popularity and physical force. In Italy, this centres around the March on Rome in about 1921, the legions of Fascisti marched to overthrow the liberal Italian state, the Mussolini at their head. In actual fact, they took power through the cowardice of the existing authorities and very clever electoral manoeuvring, including a piece of truly astounding gerrymandering.

Mussolini entered the Italian parliament as a partner in a right-wing coalition with one of the factions in the Liberal party, in order to give them enough of a majority to form a government. Despite their bullying, violence and intimidation, the actual numbers of people voting for Il Duce and his thugs were small. When he put himself up for election in his hometown of Padano, Mussolini lost. By a very long margin. The Fascists only got into power by declaring Italy as single electoral district, and thus manipulating the system so that they got an absolute majority. If the previous system of electoral districts had remained in place, the Fascists wouldn’t have won the election and would have stayed a violent, nasty, but limited force on the right.

And as for the March on Rome, well, the head of the Roman police was a cop of the old school, who regarded Musso’s forces with the same contempt that Colonel Gruber had for the Italians in the BBC comedy, ‘Allo, ‘Allo. They were a ‘rabble’, and he was confident that he could disperse them with the a few good shots when the crunch came. Unfortunately, King Emmanuele II didn’t have his backbone, and caved in. They were allowed into Rome unmolested, and the king offered Mussolini the leadership of the Italian state.

My point here is that Mussolini won by massively rigging the electoral system, in order to destroy Italian socialism, liberalism and keep the working people firmly in their place at the bottom of Italian society. Just like Jenrick, Cameron and Osbo are doing overspending and gerrymandering in modern Britain. The only thing Cameron needs to do now is appear in a stupid uniform with a chicken on his head. ‘Eyyy, Colonello!’


The Anti-Atos Demonstrations by Those Who Were There

February 24, 2014

I’ve posted a few descriptions and pieces on the anti-Atos demonstrations held up and down the country last Wednesday. Several of the commenters on Mike’s blog have posted further descriptions of the protests, and the reactions of the police and Atos employees, in their areas, on his piece ‘Atos ‘Death Threat’ Claims – ‘Outrageous’ Insult to those the Regime has Killed’.

Farmer’s boy said that

Croydon stayed open and continued to do assessments all day – with a riot van outside to police half a dozen people, some poetry and a guitar.

Allan J said of Atos in Gloucester

gloster stayed open,G4S ere eyeing us for most of the day, but then they have little more to do than stare out the window or strut around allday looking important (joke). 2 wanabe cops left at about 12:30, there was a presence of 6 to 8 protesters all day has it was beyond some being to ill to stay more than a hour or to so in total around 15 -20 protesters coming from upto 10 miles or so, also several staff from the jobcentre coming out and saying they were in full support of us for varying reasons, this seems to be a common them mr ids.

Skintus Maximus described the situation in Southend-on-Sea

I was at the protest in Southend on Sea, we had 27 people turn up. The office was closed while tree surgeons removed tree’s damaged by the recent storms. We could not have threatened an ATOS employee because none were there. We did have some fun taking the piss out of the ‘security guards’ who were on FULL ALERT the whole time.

The Police paid us a visit and didn’t feel the need to return. We had a damn good day that ended without incident.

From these accounts it’s clear that the protests were orderly, peaceful and non-violent, with the police in many areas not actually worried very much about them. Except at Croydon, where they seem to have been so worried about the threat of mass violence and proletarian revolution that they sent a riot van. There are obviously some very, very worried people on the council there. You wonder what they have to fear.