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Vox Political: Court Fees for Asylum Seekers to Rise by 500%

April 25, 2016

Mike at Vox Political last Friday covered a story in that day’s Guardian, which reported that the court fees for asylum seekers were going to rise by 500 per cent. This was to cover a gap in the Ministry of Justice’s budget of £37 million a year. He concluded that this showed how businesses run by rich fools like themselves operated. When they ran out of cash, they immediately turn to trying to squeeze it out of people, who don’t have any.


This is too true on so many levels, the most basic and obvious being the way the Tories have shifted the tax burden from the rich onto the poor. Quite apart from the introduction of fees for services that ought to be free, and their – mercifully abortive – plan to charge the disabled for appealing against benefit decisions.

My guess is that the Tory architects of this scheme were hoping that this would be an extra deterrent to asylum seekers wishing to enter the country, regardless of the economic reason behind the decision to raise fees. This does indeed show the Tories’ priorities – attacking and impoverishing the very poorest, and most vulnerable. In this case, people, who have made an extremely hazardous journey across continents, and who may face serious persecution, torture and death in their countries of origin.