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Post-Referendum Anti-Racism Rally Yesterday in Bristol

June 29, 2016

Points West, the local news programme for the Bristol area yesterday, reported on two large rallies being held on College Green in Bristol, in front of the Council House, Bristol Cathedral and the City library. One of these was an anti-racism rally, intended to show that, whatever people voted in the Referendum, people of all races and nationalities were still welcome in Bristol. It’s desperately needed, as nationally there has been a disturbing rise in racist incidents. The I newspaper the other day reported that someone with a laminator in Huntingdon had been putting cards on people’s cars and through their letter boxes calling on the Polish ‘vermin’ and ‘scum’ to get out of Britain. As well as eastern Europeans, Black and Asian Brits have also been attacked and insulted. One British Asian was told by a cabbie that he had voted ‘Leave’ ‘to get you lot out’. Mike over at Vox Political the other day posted an article reporting the long string of foul racist abuse that had been posted online. And in Newcastle there was a standoff with the English Defence League, which I know upset several of my readers, who come from that area.

The organisers of the demo in Bristol made it clear that it wasn’t just for people who voted to Remain, but for everyone, who wanted to show that foreigners were still welcome in this multicultural port city. It seemed to have been a colourful demo, with an optimistic, positive message following the deep division that have been caused by the Referendum itself. Unfortunately, according to the local news, the only people who attended were those who voted ‘Remain’. Points West is the Beeb’s local news programme for Bristol, and so I have my doubts about its impartiality. If anybody reading this voted to Leave, but did attend the demo in Bristol, or has done so or is going to do so elsewhere, please post a comment letting us know. However we may differ on Britain’s membership of the EU, it’s important not to let the racists, Nazis and Islamophobes win.

Congratulations to Paul and Sue Rutherford on Successful Appeal against Bedroom Tax

January 27, 2016

Mike over at Vox Political has offered his congratulations to one of his readers, Paul Rutherford. Mr Rutherford and his wife, Sue, are the grandparents of a disabled lad, who needs special overnight care in an adapted room. This did not impress the authorities, who decided that they were underoccupying their council house, and so should pay the bedroom tax. Fortunately, common sense has prevailed, and their appeal against it upheld.

I also offer my congratulations to Mr and Mrs Rutherford, and their grandson. Mike hopes that Mr Rutherford will send him his account of the matter some time. I hope so too, as their experience could possibly benefit many others in the same situation.

The story’s at Go read it and enjoy someone managing to stick it to the DWP.