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May Makes Another Worthless Promise About NHS Funding

March 28, 2018

Tweezer was in the I yesterday, and she’s in it again today, trying to shore up her popularity by promising to do something about the NHS. This is ailing because she and her fellow Tories have done everything they can to cut funding, prior to the Health Service’s eventual privatisation. Which they’re also proceeding with at a rate of knots. Already, 70 per cent of NHS contracts go to private firms, and the Tories want them to run whole regions. With such piecemeal tactics do they indeed to destroy this greatest and most precious of all our national institutions.

But the latest crisis is clearly an embarrassment. So she’s promised to ring-fence NHS funding for the next ten years. This has given me a sense of Deja Vue. Now where have I heard that promise before from a Tory?

Ah yes, it was David Cameron before he was elected PM. This was when he and IDS were playing at being more left-wing than the Labour party. So he and the future mass-murderer of the poor and disabled posed as the champions of the NHS, running around protesting against hospital closures. And Cameron had posters put up everywhere promising that he would ring-fence NHS funding, and protect it from the cuts he intended to make as party of his austerity programme.

It sounded good. Too good, and when something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. It was what Mike Yarwood once described in one of his impressions way back in the 1970s as ‘election promises’. In other words, a total lie. Once in power, Cameron did a volte face, carried on closing hospitals like his New Labour predecessors, and inflicted further cuts and privatisations on to the NHS.

This is just more of the same. Another empty promise, like all the others May has made and broken in her ignominious tenure of 10 Downing Street.

Well, fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me. But we won’t be fooled again.

Don’t listen to her lies. Protect the NHS, and vote the Tories out in the May council elections!

Lucas Gave Profits from Sale of Star Wars to Education

December 16, 2015

The world, or at least Britain and Europe, is gearing up for the release of the new Star Wars film, Episode 7: The Force Awakens. Unlike the earlier features, which were Lucas Film/ 20th century Fox, the new flick has been made by Disney after Lucas sold Star Wars to them. I found this meme on 1000 Natural Shocks, and if it’s true, then it shows another side to Lucas in an extremely generous and admirable gesture.

Lucas Education Donation

Lucas has, of course, made his money cinematically from entertaining children, so its extremely appropriate that he should also try to benefit them educationally as well.

Unlike the current Tory government over here, which is trying to shut everything down or privatise it. And there isn’t even a Death Star to destroy Chipping Norton.

Labour Pamphlet on Farage’s Privatisation of NHS

March 5, 2015

I found this piccie on the SlatUKIP facebook page. It’s of a pamphlet produced by the Labour party that has enraged the Kippers by accusing them of wishing to privatise the NHS, and revealing the cost of private medical treatment in America.

Labour NHS Privatisation UKIP

This is, however, absolutely true. Farage has repeatedly said that he wishes the NHS to replaced with an insurance-based system like the US.

His second-in-command, Paul Nuttall, has also demanded the privatisation of the NHS.

As I have so many of the Fuhrage’s stormtroopers, like the Kipper candidate for West Hampstead, who also confessed to thinking at times that the 19th century reform acts extending the franchise to the middle classes, instead of restricting them to the very rich, were also wrong.

And it’s not just the Kippers. They are, in essence, just the extreme right-wing of the Tories. And there former fellows in that party also want to privatise the NHS. Like Andrew Lansley, who made a speech demanding its privatisation. Other Tories have said that if they are in power for another five years, the NHS will not exist in its present form. They wish to privatise it. What remains of the management infrastructure would simply be dedicated to managing the insurance system, which they would put in place to fund healthcare in the UK.

Or what remained of it. Hospitals have had to be closed down after the private firms brought into manage them have shown themselves massively incompetent and unable to do so.

GPs surgeries run by private healthcare firms have also closed against the express wishes and needs of their patients. This was again done to maximise profit, not improve care.

So much for private industry giving people more choice, as Thatcher declared.

At present, insurance costs in the US have ballooned massively, so that 20 per cent – 1 in 5 people, can no longer afford their medical care. It’s a scandal, and it partly explains why these companies wish to expand over here.

And 92 Tory and Lib Dem MPs, including IDS, are directors of or have positions in these firms.

Don’t let them win. Vote them out in the elections in May, and save the NHS from Clegg as well as Fuhrage.