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The Young Turks: Black American Student Volunteer Talks Racism on Trump Campaign

February 7, 2016

In this piece from The Young Turks, James Patterson, a Black American high school student, talks about his experience of the covert racism he experienced as a volunteer working for Trump’s campaign in Iowa. Patterson volunteered as part of a civics class. They had the option of working for Trump, Marco Rubio or Hillary Clinton. Patterson states that he was only the Black American working on Trump’s campaign, and acknowledges that the people he worked with were extremely friendly. This he found the most frightening. The racism he encountered wasn’t overt. No-one openly sneered at him or ethnic minorities, or used racist language. But instead it was all through micro-aggressions, odd looks and comments about ethnic minorities when the others thought he wasn’t listening. He states that there seems to be a disconnect between the way they treated him – with friendliness – and their hostility to minorities in America, such as the plan to deport 11 million migrants and their children. He states that Trump’s supporters appear to be Christian fundamentalist, White, middle class people, who fear that they’re losing power to ethnic minorities. He states it isn’t true that they are, but nevertheless, this is what these people fear. Despite their friendly demeanour towards him, Trump’s campaign is racist because it is based on this fear and the proposal to limit and deport Mexicans, Muslims and other minorities.