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More Insane Ranting from Alex Jones

March 2, 2016

I’ve included this video as a bit of light relief after the very serious threat Donald Trump poses to freedom, tolerance and decency in the Land of the Free. This is another collection of rants from Infowars Screamer. He starts off by claiming that the New World Order Tyranny is coming to cut his testicles off, then it goes into his attack on Piers Morgan when Morgan tried to interview him on the subject of gun control. In that interview, Jones starts raving about mind control bills and challenges the former editor of the Mirror to a boxing match. And there’s more screaming from Jones about how they’re coming to kill us all, and he’s seen the maggot ridden bodies. It’s all unintentionally hilarious.

Still, he did get one thing almost right. He claims that Morgan was thrown off the Mirror for publishing untrue stories. It’s sort of right. Morgan was defenestrated from the Mirror because he and the ‘City Slickers’ were caught sharing ramping – illegally manufacturing stories to boost the value of shares in companies in which they too had invested, and from which they stood to profit.

Which doesn’t make Jones right about anything else.