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Vox Political: Over Half of NHS Executives Cited by Hunt as Supporters Aren’t

February 12, 2016

Another interesting piece showing the sheer mendacity of Jeremy Hunt and the rest of the Tories from Vox Political. Mike reports a Mirror Online piece stating that of the 20 NHS chief executives Jeremy Hunt claims supported his new contracts for junior doctors, 11 of them have said that they don’t agree with its imposition. Mike has made the obvious conclusion: Jeremy Hunt is a liar. But then, as he himself points out, his readers knew that already. See

I’ve a curious sense of deja-vu about this case. There’s nothing paranormal about it. It’s not something from the X-Files. It’s simply the fact that there have been so many other instances like it, where the Tories have claimed a significant number of professionals back their policies, only for those professionals to issue a categorical denial. A little while ago it was the economy. Osborne and Cameron were, if memory serves me correctly, claiming that a whole string of industrialists backed one of their wretched cuts, or attacks on wages, or something. Then various company heads stuck their head up and said that, actually, no, they didn’t support the Tories, and indeed, no-one had even asked them: the Tories had just put their names down and claimed they did. And it turned out that the businessmen who did back the Tories on that occasion were – guess what? – all friends of the Camerons. Sam Cam did a bit of phoning round to whip up a bit of ostentatious support.

It’s telling that Cameron isn’t an economist, or a historian, like Gordon Broon, who at least was an economic historian. He’s a PR spin merchant, and so everything he says is a lie. And this is proof that spin and political mendacity didn’t die with New Labour.