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Nationwide anti-Atos Protests Reported by ITV

February 20, 2014


Martha, one of the commenters on Mike’s blog ‘Delights – and Disgraces – of the Anti-Atos Day of Protest’, pointed out that ITV Meridian had covered the day of protest, in particular those in Brighton and Canterbury. Their reporter, Charlotte Wilkins, talked to the Green MP for Brighton Pavilion, Caroline Lucas, and Wayne Humphries, a leukaemia sufferer kept waiting for assessment by the multinational.

The ITV news report is at:

This ITV region is to be praised and supported for reporting the protests. I have seen zero reports on the Beeb of any protests in Bristol, and similarly absolutely none on the main news about the protests up and down the country. Obviously, the BBC bosses do not feel that this is an issue worth covering. It’s too embarrassing for their government paymasters, and unemployed and disabled people dying in despair and poverty ain’t nearly as upbeat, ratings-friendly or as newsworthy as reporting Osborne’s latest lie that unemployment is dropping. See The Void’s post on this taking it apart for a complete critique of this misleading use of statistics. Also, Mike over at Vox Political for just about every falsehood ever uttered by this government that lies so often Goebbels would be ashamed.

This deliberate neglect by the media needs to be challenged now.