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Johnson Clueless about Whereabouts of Missing May

June 1, 2017

Theresa May was missing from the leader debate broadcast on BBC 1 last night. The leaders of all the other parties were there, except for her, and her place was taken by the Home Secretary, Amber Rudd.

May’s absence was no surprise to anyone. She’d already said many times before that she wouldn’t be appearing in the debates, and keeps dodging challenges by Corbyn and other party leaders to meet them in open debate.

It’s a tacit admission that rather than being ‘strong and stable’, May is weak and wobbly, who can’t face being challenged on her terrible policies and manifest failures by her political opponents in an arena she can’t control.

When she goes out to meet the public, it’s in very controlled circumstances like the extremely stage-managed PR exercises used by Blair and New Labour to give their administration a popular veneer. The meetings are held on private premises, and are frequently invitation only.

Authentic proles are not invited.

When the proles do get near her, as they did in Bristol, when she emerged from one of these private meetings, they see her off with boos and jeers.

She is manifestly not a ‘woman of the people’. And the media and public are asking questions about her whereabouts.

Boris Johnson was on Breakfast TV a moment ago. The presenters asked him where May was. He huffed and puffed in his usual, blustering manner, but admitted that he didn’t know where she was. He tried to make this sound better by saying something to the effect that wherever, she was, she was doing a good job.

Which sounds to me like another line from one of the great comedians of the 1990s, Harry Enfield.

I’ve mentioned in a previous blog post how Amber Rudd’s speech last night sounded like a Rory Bremner impression of Michael Howard. Rudd, in her concluding speech, stated that a vote for any other party than the Tories would be a vote for Labour. This sounds like a joke Bremner made about the threadbare nature of the Tory arguments when Howard was leader of the party. In one sketch, Bremner appeared as the-then Tory leader, and said into the camera, ‘If you don’t vote Tory, Labour will get in.’ That was his whole argument in the satirical sketch, and pretty much the only arguments the Tories could muster at this time. Just as it appeared to be the core of their argument last night, only with the slight addition of rubbish about the ‘coalition of chaos’, Brexit and how May was ‘strong’.

Johnson’s reply to the question about May’s location sounds like a joke Enfield made on Comic Relief years ago. This was about the answer a Tory politician would give you if you asked him the time. Enfield then adopted the stern, lecturing posture of your typical Tory, and intoned

‘I do not know what the time is, but I can tell you this: whatever time it is, it is a far better we are having now, than was had under the last Labour administration.’

As Johnson showed just now, this is very much the kind of answer the Tories give when they don’t have an answer – they automatically try to shift the blame on the failings of the last Labour government.

As the Tories lose their lead in the polls, they’re floundering about using all their tired clich├ęs to cling to some semblance of the popularity. And just as celebrities as they aged started to look more like their Spitting Image puppets, so the Tories are becoming increasingly indistinguishable from the jokes and caricatures about them.

They have no answers, and offer nothing except more poverty, despair and the victimisation of real working people, the elderly, the sick and disabled.

All for the benefit of the rich upper 25 per cent.

Kick them out.
Vote Labour on June 8th.

MI5 Tapped Everyone’s Phones Over Past Ten Years

November 5, 2015

I’ve just caught this snippet on BBC Breakfast News. They claimed that it’s been revealed that MI5 have kept records of the phone calls made by everyone in Britain for the past decade.

Now this truly boggles the mind, as I was taught at school that there are about 60-65 million people in the UK. It seems incredible to me that the security services could record even a small fraction of the total population’s phone calls, let along everybody, and find enough computer memory space to store them for as long as they have.

It’s also extremely worrying. I’ve been blogging a lot recently about the growth of the surveillance state, and the threat this poses to the personal liberty of all us in the UK. This is further confirmation of that, and shows just how paranoid the authorities are.

Now I don’t dispute the fact that the security services have a right and a duty to spy on those, who can be reasonable suspected of terrorism or supporting terrorist groups, as well as foreign spies. But this has to be matched with proper checks so that innocent people are not targeted and placed under suspicion. This new statistic seems to indicate that the authorities view everyone as some kind of potential terrorist or subversive. If that’s the case, it shows a dangerous need amongst our leaders to control, monitor, and stifle just about everyone in the UK on the grounds that they present some kind of threat.

It also shows how weak and ineffective the government’s claims that their reforms to the justice system, and expansion of the powers of the secret state, won’t constitute a threat to our traditional liberties. Much was made in the Tory press about New Labour’s Marxist drive to stifle free speech and democracy. The Tories and their Lib Dem enablers have gone much further, and set up a system of secret courts. They also wanted to give the security state even further powers to seize people’s records of what they’ve been looking at online over the past year, but were forced to climb down in anticipation of another battle with the Lords.

One upon a time, the state was supposed to get a warrant from the Home Office before they started tapping people’s phones. Those days, it seems, are now long gone. Everyone is being monitored, and so everyone is apparently viewed as potential suspect. We really are heading towards the kind of society Orwell warned against in 1984. And Big Brother has been listening to our phone calls for the last ten years.