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The Young Turks on CIA Using Domestic Appliances to Spy on You

October 23, 2015

This is another item from The Young Turks, revealing the Orwellian nightmare into which Western society is rapidly descending. It’s a report on an article in Wired magazine about the CIA’s venture capital firm, In-Q-Tel, and its plans to insert spying devices inside the domestic appliances – fridges, and so on – of ‘persons of interest’. As the hosts Cenk Uyghur and Ana Kasparian point out, the fact that the CIA possesses a venture capital firm in itself shows how far business and the military has become enmeshed in America.

The rightly point out this is an Orwellian step, taking us towards the world of Big Brother, where the government was in your home watching you. They point out that the legal prohibition on the CIA spying within the US has been removed following the law’s revision. They also consider that the most likely ‘persons of interest’ will at first be innocent Muslims. Ordinary Muslim in New York have already been the target of CIA and police investigation.

It will not stop there, however. Other groups will be targeted, and the definition of ‘persons of interest’ will expand to cover just about everybody. In addition to spying on Muslims, the CIA has also spied on PETA, the Quakers and peace groups. And as the espionage agency cannot know when a ‘person of interest’ is going to buy a new fridge or TV, the devices will be put in all the devices so everyone will have them.

At the present moment, the devices will only be geographical trackers, rather than bugs. This, however, raises the question of what else the CIA is doing, which hasn’t been made public. It also shows how far constitutional protection for American citizens has been eroded. Once upon a time the authorities had to get a warrant in order to bug someone. Now they no longer have to do so. We are truly approaching the totalitarian world of Big Brother.

Here’s the video: