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The Fascists Admitted It: Fascism Is the Last Ditch of Capitalism

March 26, 2016

Mike over at Vox Political is planning to write a book on the similarities between the Tories and Fascism, Beasts In Our Time. Well, Hitler took to heart what Nietzsche wrote about ‘blonde beasts’, and that could describe Boris Johnson. As well as many other fine epithets. In fact there was a real debate amongst historians and political scientists about the precise relationship between Fascism, Conservatism and capitalism. Marxists saw the development of the Nazi party in Germany and Mussolini’s Fascists in Italy as the inevitable development of capitalism before it finally fell to the forces of Socialism. This has now been rejected – see the comments about it in Joachim C. Fest’s biography of Hitler. Other historians, such as Elizabeth Wiskemann, considered that while this wasn’t true of Nazism, it did contain much truth about Fascist Italy. Especially as that what was one Musso’s thugs said about it. in her book, Fascism in Italy: its Development and Influence (Basingstoke: MacMillan Education 1970) She writes

The word Fascism has ben taken over by Marxists to abuse what they regard as their class enemies: this leads to every kind of confusion and misunderstanding blurring the distinctions between Fascism and National Socialism. Of course both things were anti-Marxist, though much more fundamentally anti-liberal.

There is certainly considerable justification for the Marxist interpretation of the word Fascism. It has been seen that Cini himself called Italian Fascism the last ditch of capitalism, which, it has been shown, made good use of Mussolini to extend its wealth and power in Italy. Cini was an Italian count, and a member of Musso’s Council of Ministers. Ciano, Mussol’s son-in-law and another Fascist aristo, wrote it down in his diary on 4th December 1939.

So there you have it, more or less from the horse’s mouth. There are features of Fascism, that modern Conservatism doesn’t have. It doesn’t seem to have or even want mass worker participation, economic expansion or national self-sufficiency. But it is still extremely hostile to organised labour and the trade unions, and has become increasingly authoritarian to the point where it is taking on certain aspects of Fascism. And if BoJo does get in, or Osborne, all I expect we will hear from the prostrate media will be cries of ‘Duce! Duce!’ and demands we cower in obeisance to him.